Explorer Persuasive Research Essay Essay

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Explorer Persuasive Research Essay

The world is full of many explorers, much of many who honestly are unqualified and are worthless, as explorers. In contrast, once they do a single thing that is miraculous and they change the entire perspective of who they are and what they are really capable of. Out of any explorer out there my explorer is beyond the best explorer, not only for what he has done, but for his very own name. My explorers name is Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca, which in contrast from every other explorer has the coolest and weirdest name out there.

For many of you who don’t necessarily know what Cabeza de Vaca means, it means Cow head. Although his name was weird and funny catching, he also was the first to do much of many things, like being the first European to describe America from Florida through Arizona. His writing is the oldest out of any other about history we have of the Native Americans, and he set out the stage for the conquest of this continent. Many people wonder how come he got the name of Cabeza de Vaca, or Head of a Cow. It’s strange to have a name like that because there is no reflection and there is no moral behind it, and no one can ever imagine having a name like that. The way he got his name, just shows how much of a cool explorer he really was. He was born in 1490 into Spanish nobility.

His ancestors had long been warriors, which continued for generations. One of his ancestors got that name after he was victorious in a battle after following a trail marked with cow skulls. This name stuck with him and continued on to Alvar Nunez. This name distinguished him as a fine officer in battles. He was immune to suffering. This gave him his popularity and a name to be known as, which unlike any other explorer is something not many others have thus making him the best. Cow Head, was the first European to describe America from Florida through Arizona. In June 17, 1527: He leaves Spain with 299 other men and his captain, where he was appointed crown treasurer of the expedition, which was an important position.

During this exploration, Vaca lived various events, which led to the description of it in its own. He described villages he saw, how he survived and what America’s Natives told him at various places along his way. This description influenced Coronado and DeSoto: two men who changed this continent forever. An explorer who lives extreme adventures, describes and influences men who changed this continent, is one amazing thing that not all explorers did, which further more proves that this Cow Head guy is the best without doubt. If he hadn’t influenced anyone, these changes on the continent wouldn’t have happened, and whether that could have been a good thing or not, it changed our way of life now. His writings were the oldest, but had the most meaningful information on the Indians. These were people who the Spanish had to defeat or make peace with to conquer this new world of the Americas.

Vaca’s writing gave new explorers detailed information, about who the Indians were and how to live among them. This gave a great advantage to the Spanish, because Vaca set the stage or mood to conquer these people. His explorations and discoveries led to the defeat and birth of a new world that wasn’t yet known. Other people may have discovered the Americas, but they didn’t conquer it, and although Vaca didn’t do it physically, he did it through the course of his time there, because he analyzed, composed, and delivered. Cabeza de Vaca, the man who inherited the name of Head of a Cow, was the best explorer.

He made possible everything that is today, for his adventure changed the continent through his writing and the people who he influenced. He experienced many triumphs and amazing occasions, in which he is well known to this day for. So the next time you think of a great explorer, don’t think about someone who just got lucky, but think of Vaca and all of the great, historical achievements he still leads on to this day.

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