Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology Essay

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Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology

In this paper I will be discussing the type of article being explored. What type of research is involved in this article? I will be doing a summary of this article to discover what the main findings are. Explain how this article fits into the field of sociology. Discuss which chapter applies to this article. Explain how a journal article differs for a newspaper article, and what is alike.

Type of article

This article is a review of existing research that was conducted. It discusses what type of research was conducted. The reason why the research was done, and what was the outcome of the research that was performed (Playing hooky 2011).

Type of Research

There was various types of research conducted for this article. A study was provided by Youth Advocates Programs, Inc. there was a behavioral experiment done on three types of behavior that involved positive, negative, and no reinforcement. A questionnaire survey was also conducted on a group of students, and there were observation studies done (Playing hooky 2011).


Student truancy is a serious problem that faces the adolescent youth. This problem is caused by a number of variables. How involved the parents are in a child’s life. Weather the child is involved in any after school activities. Is there a history of alcohol, or drug abuse? Some of these factors can be caused at school. Some of the problems could be bullying, having nobody to turn to with their problems (Playing hooky 2011).

Major Findings

In one of the case studies conducted along with other variables bullying was found to be a significant cause of student absenteeism. The study showed that students would avoid school, because they feared being victimized. These students felt like they did not have a safe place to go. They had no one to talk to about their situation. They felt like they did not have anything to look forward to as long as they were being bullied (Playing hooky 2011). Other Factors

With all of the other factors combined such as family environment, living situation, community involvement, alcohol, and substance abuse. These factors did very little to contribute to students being absent from school (Playing hooky 2011).

How where they supported

The research that was presented was conducted by a variety of methods. There was research from a questionnaire study. Research was conducted that involved a behavioral experiment. Research was also presented by a youth Adolescent group (Playing hooky 2011).

Fits into Field of Sociology

This article fits into the field on sociology, because it deals with sociological theory. The sociology theory that it deals with is the Social-Conflict Approach. It talks about the problems facing youth like drugs, and alcohol (Playing hooky 2011).

Identify Chapter of Textbook

The chapter that this article covers is chapter twenty. This chapter deals with education, and how different areas of the country receive better education those other areas. This chapter talks about how truancy can lead to other problems down the road in life (Playing hooky 2011).

Difference between Types of Articles

Scholarly articles are reviewed by other peers with expertise in the field. Magazines and newspapers are written for the majority of the population. The thing that is similar is they all have current information (Playing hooky 2011).


In this paper we discussed the type of article. We discussed what type of research was involved. We gave a summary of the article, what were some findings, and how they were supported. We provided information on how it relates to our textbook, and sociology. Described how this article is different from magazines and newspapers.

Playing Hooky”: Examining Factors that Contribute to Adolescent Truancy. (2011). Sociological Viewpoints, 2715-23

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