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Nikola Tesla, a man of many creations that changed the world; created the world’s current main source of electricity, alternating current. He also created the tesla coil, intending to create it to allow electricity to be free for every person around the globe: only being sent by a few large tesla coils. The unearthly 1908 explosion in Tunguska, Russia was an event extremely hard to explain at the time. In the article Tesla Tunguska Theory, Over 80 million trees were destroyed over 2000 square kilometers following a pattern; with that being said there also was no impact spot or crater present after the explosion.

Although many do not know what had caused this event, many things show Nikola Tesla had caused the large explosion. With the witnesses observations and scientists’ attempts to make logical explanations, it continues to make Tesla’s involvement more believable over time.

Scientists and most believe it was caused by a meteor, which sounds suitable for an unexplainable explosion, because the Atom Bomb was yet to be created.

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It was thought the meteor had caught fire and dissipated before hitting the surface which also makes the witnesses “balls of fire” seem like an observation of the dissipating meteor. Although, what scientists and most people think is not always true.

Tesla had been working on a new experiment on Long Island, which was the Wardenclyffe tower. It stood 187 feet tall and was to be used for transmitting radio waves and electrical power over long distances, eliminating wires. Unfortunately, the investors discontinued paying for his project and the tower failed.

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When the project failed it, had caused Tesla’s self-esteem to become lower, especially since his past failures tarnished his reputation. In turn, being frustrated and desperate possibly gave him motivation to create “Teleforce” as he called it. It was never intended to be used as an onslaught weapon, but it had the power “to wipe out entire armies and bring down 10,000 enemy aircrafts at a distance of 200 miles”. The machine had the ability to send a charged particle beam that held this otherworldly power and simply cause a mass destruction; much like the event that occured in Tunguska (Cryptid 2017). In Tesla’s eyes the weapon was meant for defense, but when he was choosing to test the machine in 1908, a man named Robert Peary was to trek to the North Pole. Before he had left, Tesla asked him to look at the sky at a certain time and tell him if he saw anything. After Tesla had tested the weapon he telegraphed Peary, who said he did not see anything unusual. Once Tesla heard about the events in Tunguska, he deconstructed Teleforce because he thought it was too dangerous to keep(“Letters” 2002).

Later after Tesla’s death, his nephew Sava took the plans for teleforce before the FBI got to Nikola’s hotel. The government had concealed Tesla’s property and secretly continued researching his work, then impounded “truck loads” of Tesla’s papers. Strangely, at the time of creation the government had taken no interest (“Nikola’s Memorable May” 2018).

After the event, Russia prevented any more research or investigations at the site. As time went on, international newspapers theorized it may have been caused by a volcano because of the occurrence of the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883; where many people saw similar effects of fire in the sky. Thirteen years after the event had occurred, a Russian mineralogist, Leonid Alexejewitsch Kulik, had became interested in the event. He hoped he could find extraterrestrial debris from the meteor, which he never found. In 1927, Kulik had found the site of the explosion; it had flattened over 80 million trees stretched over nearly 820 square miles, only the “telegraph pole trees” were left standing with all the branches and bark burned off. The closest to craters Kulik had found were “circular pits” that must have been caused by small objects, “However, no meteoritic material was ever found at the site”. In 1934, continuing Kulik’s research, soviet scientists thought of another theory; since no remains were found it may have been a comet. Comets are mostly composed of ice, so it would have vaporized before impact. Which creates an explanation for why no crater or debris were found at the site.

In 1945, when the first Atom Bombs were ignited, an engineer named Aleksander Kasantsews thought of the possibility of an extraterrestrial nuclear explosion being the cause of the explosion in Tunguska. The beliefs of different causes become more ridiculous over time; In 1973, American physicists suggested in a journal that a black hole had collided with earth and caused a matter-antimatter reaction in earth’s atmosphere. Wolfgang Kundt and Jason Phipps Morgan came up with a strange idea that a magma and gas mixture could have erupted from underground because there was a magmatic intrusion in Siberia which trapped volcanic gasses below the basalt-layers of a large igneous province, called the Siberian Traps. This was taken into consideration and was yet again proven wrong, even though the scenario may have seemed similar scientists found no rocks or craters caused from escaping gases.

The most captivating theory was the possibility of a cosmic body entering the atmosphere. The reports of “fireballs” in the sky and the existence of “impact-related minerals, like nanodiamonds, metallic-and silicate spherules in sediments” gave some evidence to support the theory. The energy of the blast was recorded as an estimate of 10 to 15 megatons of TNT, which scientist believe may have been caused from a comet that was 2,700 feet in diameter or a 100-300 foot meteorite detonating about three to six miles above the earth. This data was the most believable scientific theory as to what happened that morning; but, the proof of Tesla’s creation of Teleforce and publicly speaking about it is more believable than most scientific theories as to what happened in Russia (Bressan 2018).

In current time, this may not seem like it is relevant; but, the thought of most people being unaware of the level of technology produced nearly 100 years ago has an effect on our modern day weapons and technology. If Teleforce was created then, imagine what could be created in the near future.

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