Explain the significance of Marco Essay

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Explain the significance of Marco

In the play, Marco is very important. After all, he was the one person who killed Eddie Carbone which is the main event in the play. When Marco comes into the play for the first time, he is proven to be the most mature brother who has a quality life worth living. “What can I do?

The older one is sick in chest. My wife – she feeds them from her own mouth. I tell you the truth; if I stay there they will never grow up. They eat the sunshine.” Having children, Marco might feel they are a motivation to earn money to keep them alive as well as himself. The reason Marco came to Brooklyn, America to help and pay for food for his family as he would send money back to his wife in Italy to care for them. “My wife – I want to send right away maybe twenty dollars … because I could send them a little more if I stay.”

Marco knows he has an obligation to Eddie and is trying to be good so he can stay in America in the house to earn money for his family. So to make sure he can stay, he is trying not to let Rodolph ruin his chances either by doing ridiculous tasks like singing which Marco thinks is inappropriate at the time so tells him, “No – no! … You’ll be quiet … You’ll be quiet. He also thinks Rodolph should tame himself down.

‘’They paid for your courage. The English like courage. But once is enough.’’ He is loyal and strong. He thinks before he acts which gives the impression that he is focused. He only punished Eddie by killing him as he felt threatened which is not a selfish action. He is the antagonist in the play and the Sicilian avenging angel that Alfieri hints at his comment to the audience.

“A man works, raises his family, goes bowling, eats, gets old and then dies. Now, as the weeks passed there was a future, there was a trouble that would not go away.” Marco is also very important to the play as he is very respectful towards Eddie to begin with. Marco is willing to do any work to support his family as he is very proud of his wife and he is grateful to Eddie for his help and for giving him the opportunity to live in his home and work down the docks.

Marco is realistic and tries to control Rodolpho’s exaggerations to keep them out of trouble. Even though during the play, Marco is furious and vengeful to some of the things Eddie does like snitching on them to the immigration officers; He is responsible, respectful, strong but silent towards his family, Eddie, Beatrice and even Catherine. Marco tries to bridge the increasing gap between Rodolpho and Eddie however as soon as Marco feels offended by Eddie he feels he needs to

prove his strength and authority to him by lifting a chair up by one leg by one arm which is he successful in whereas Eddie cannot lift the chair. Marco if a family man because even though Marco cannot understand American justice when Alfieri tried to explain it and promised Eddie he will not betray or harm him if he promised the same, he did not apologise to Eddie as his honour means everything to him. As Marco will probably get deported back to Italy for immigration and killing Eddie, he is happy that Rodolpho has a chance of a green card a family with Catherine.

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