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The role that a leader plays in supporting and developing

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (475 words)
Categories: Leader, Plays
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The leader’s main role is to provide clear communication as to the purpose of what is trying to be achieved. They shouldn’t simply state what needs to be done but why it is being done and why in that manner as to provide an environment for the team to contribute to task/project in different ways.

This allows team members to draw upon their own experiences and to direct their efforts more efficiently as long as the leader is open to adapting their plans.

It may be that members of the team show interest in doing work they don’t normally do and then there could be opportunities to develop their skill set at the same time.

The team members should also feel that they have contributed to the overall company as they can see that they have improved something rather than just done something.

A lot of work can be quite dull and/or repetitive and the leader can help with that by trying to instil in the employee why it is important that that is carried out and maybe shift the work around the team to remove the thought that they are “stuck with it” or that someone else has a preferable (to them perhaps as they aren’t doing it) but equally monotonous task.

Again employee feedback is important “they may feel that the tasks can be achieved in a better way, that they would be more inclined to want to do, which underlines the importance of communicating what is trying to be achieved and not just handing out work that need to be done.

I have usually led small teams of 3-5 people over the last 12 years and I have noticed that ownership of the more onerous tasks can be encouraged by giving the employee the freedom to find a better way of doing something as is makes them feel trusted and valued. Few people simply want to be told exactly what to do and then go home although I have worked with at least two people like that so far – people who want a simple list of tasks often with step-by-step instruction, to go through and then to go home.

It would be nice to know how to rekindle their excitement. They have been employed in the same position for a long time and become more cynical.

Micromanagement I have found to be counter-productive as although my employees get their work done the way I would like it done my own work tends to suffer as I am spending too long concerning myself with how something is being done and not trusting my team or the employee to do it properly.

It is equally difficult when it is work that I have been heavily involved in and if it is work I know next to nothing about but am still responsible for.

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