Explain the Need for Record Keeping and Describe the Types of Record Keeping

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Records need to be maintained both to support the teaching and learning process and also to satisfy the requirements of the organisation one works for as well as inspectors, auditors and verifiers

The information contained within these record helps to measure learning and to assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of a course overall. They aid the teacher in structuring their course, and tracking the achievements and progress of learners from when they began through to their completion. Information and data gathering helps to inform quality assurance, equality and diversity, and health and safety policies.

essay on types of record keeping

Data also helps an organisation for purposes such as accidents, appeals, equal opportunities and funding purposes. I would keep records that would help to maintain the structure of the course and to track learner’s progress. These would include enrolment forms and records of initial assessment results that would help to identify learner’s needs, a scheme of work, session plans and timetables to help plan each session and give a firm structure to the course, records of attendance, and agreed ground rules to check that they are being followed.

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As well as records of what has been taught and covered in each session, tutorial review records. I would need to keep records of assessment and achievement to track the progress of students to ensure learning is taking place. Other records would also need to be maintained for the organisation I would work for, such as accident / incident forms, equal opportunities data, complaints and appeals.

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Explain the Need for Record Keeping and Describe the Types of Record Keeping

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