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Explain Globalisation

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (347 words)
Categories: Globalization
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Explain globalisation

Why is it an impediment to globalisation (globalisation has links to climate change and therefore blah blah)

Why is it good for development -easement for the general public.

Causes humanity’s need for progress that inevitably ignores the nature that one inhabits lack of sustainable globalisation that takes into account the environment. Many development initiatives and infrastructure projects begin with good intentions, however there are usually unintended and dangerous consequences.


Wipes out organisms and species all together talk about extinction with globalisation, cost for transport and even fruits and vegetables indigenous to the land increase heavily.

This affects the people very much, and significantly increasing poverty in most nations.

Assets of Globalisation

Supporters of globalisation believe that it is very helpful for make this world a better place to live in. With globalisation also comes diverse new jobs for the general public, aiding the problem of unemployment.

Global Perspective

Truth be told, globalisation has been continuing since hundreds of years, when the europeans travelled to Asia for spices and textiles, South America for specific ores of metal, and Africa for diamonds and such.

However, at that stage in time, this did not happen everyday but was quite rare. However, as technology has been developed, and communication systems have arisen, the import and export of goods from foreign countries is an easy job to accomplish.

Import and export of goods like fruits from foreign lands and other items, increases carbon footprints heavily. But in all this, Indians still enjoy Kiwi from Australia. Just consuming fruits indigenous to one’s land does not increase the carbon footprint. Whereas, pollution increases everywhere because all lands, import and export their goods to other lands and biodiversity is not taken account of whatsoever. Our actions affect wildlife around us more than we are even aware of.

Possible Course of Action

My views align with the mindset that there must be globalisation that is mindful and inclusive. It is important to appraise whether the negative influences of globalisation on the biodiversity are worth risking it for the momentary advancements that globalisation offers

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