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Experts have a term to describe the changes the network will undergo

Experts have a term to describe the changes the network will undergo to cope with IoT, and it is called elasticity. That’s industry terms for how a network responds in an agile way to data transfer. Sreekanth Sasidharan, Software-Defined Networking -A Critical Enabler of IoT,, Infosys,

*Attack or Deficit Attribution

Digital Forensic:

It must be proved that the evidence collected has not been tampered with. Specialised computer forensics software and its toolkits must be used in conformity with generally accepted methodologies and guidelines in investigating crimes committed using computers.

Digital evidence by its nature is delicate and improper handling or improper examination can change or destroy it rendering it impossible for it to be tendered [18] Carrier, B. (2003) Defining Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis Tools Using International Journal of Digital Evidence, 1(4),. Further, digital evidence can easily loose its original form as it can be amended, utmost care must be taken in its collection, preservation and documentation. It is very important for computer forensics investigators to conduct their work properly as all of their actions are subjected to scrutiny by the judiciary should the case be presented in the law court [19] Yusoff, Y.

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, Ismail, R. and Hassan, Z. (2011) ‘Common Phases of Computer Forensics Investigation Models,International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology,3(3), pp. 17-31. DOI: 10.5121/ijcsit. 2011.3302 ..

Computer forensics is a process involves seizure, preliminary analysis, investigation and analysis [20]. Tools used for computer forensics include EnCase, Forensic ToolKit, Paraben, FTK, Logicube, Oxygen

Digital evidence can be altered or destroyed if not properly handled as it is very delicate.

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interchanging any of the steps may lead to incomplete or inconclusive results, resulting in wrong interpretations and conclusions [23] Baryamureeba, V., & Tushabe, F. (2004) The enhanced digital investigation process. IoT forensics shall include forensics in mobile devices, the cloud, computers, sensors and RFID technologies and many other areas [14]. The IoT will generate enormous volume of data so the procedures that have been developed to deal with forensics in big data will still be applicable in the IoT. A lot of devices will be introduced from the implementation of the IoT, forensic investigators must be equipped to receive digital data from sources that are unfamiliar and diverse. The First Digital Forensics Research Conference (DFRW) made an initial effort at explaining the processes to follow in conducting digital forensics, they proposed a model known as the DFRW Investigative process (DIP) which in their estimation could be used in all digital forensic examinations [26]. The model identifies a sequential process to follow in investigations which involves identifying, preserving, collecting, examining, analysing and presenting the evidence. criminals use mobile phones in their operations, it is important that forensic investigators should retrieve data from these phones in a highly principled way. Procedures to retrieve data from these phones have not been standardised.

Forensic experts called in only when they required: today’s modern world, our investigators depend on their intuition, during investigation at the crime scenes. Old methods are still used.

our investigators are currently bad

IoT Mining and analysis of smart concepts should serve as potential boons

also advised by the industry experts that the Home Department collaborates with the Law & Justice department in clearly defining the kind of evidences that will be admissible by the courts so that there is no confusions or lapses by police in collection of evidences from crime scene and submitting to the courts.

It is high time for the Indian Police to adopt scientific methods in collection of evidences during investigation by embracing technologies adopted globally.

IoT devices could be hacked to steal data or alter data to the hacker’s advantages.Beside these, bypass the security and network operations platforms are provided, to permit application developers that to open up the network unofficially and ad-hoc alteration with limited or none of the security controls.

The Present real problem with cloud adaptation is shortage of skilled workers.

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