Experimental learning Essay

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Experimental learning

Making a change in ones career is not an easy task because the individual has to consider very many things. Decisions are an every day affair and they are inevitable. Hence, in an effort to make broad our experiences, change helps us to make better decisions in life. One should have had a variety of experiences that are different because they help an individual to look at life or at things from different perspectives (Wessels, 2006). However, individuals should be careful not to set expectations that are unrealistic.

Making a decision usually involves three major steps; the first one is to recognize that there is a need to change which stems from a dissatisfaction from oneself. The second step is to make a decision to make the change. The last step is the implementation of the decision with a dedication that is conscious. Taking a course in nursing I could do pharmacy to become a pharmacist where I can seek tenders to supply medical drugs to the healthcentres so that I can still be related with my course.

My career path right now is focused on working as a nurse but I want to venture into something else such as business, where I could be in a business but still offer medical services. I plan to take a course in business administration or accounts and I would do accounting courses. I want to be a financial analyst because I love investments and love to solve out financial issues. Some of the theories that can help in setting up of ones career path into identifying reasons for career change are discussed here.

The Kurt Lewin change theory about change is described in three stages the first stage is that of becoming motivated to experience the change and this is referred to as unfreezing. This theory explains that human behaviour towards change is explained by observations and cultural influences in the past that help an individual to learn. However, this process to unfreeze has three sub processes; the first sub process is the disconfirmation where the conditions prevailing at the present are a cause to dissatisfaction, which result from not being in a position to meet personal goals.

The second one is the belief from the anxiety to survive. The third sub- process is the learning of anxiety, which results to the individual being defensive and to be resistant. The second stage is getting to know what is to be changed or to be unfrozen so that it can be transformed into something new. This stage is effective by looking at role models and through the learning of trial and error. The third stage is that of making the change that is made permanent, and it is referred to as refreezing. The new behavior involves making it a habit.

It becomes better when interpersonal relationships are formed. The other theory is the self-efficacy theory, which talks about the person having the ability to believe that they can change issues that are happening in their life. It says that the strategies that increase the efficacy of an individual acts as a very powerful tool in administering change. It however talks of four skills, which are modeling, mastering skills, persuasion with support of the society and the skill to clarify the meaning of the change. After looking at the two theories, I would settle for becoming a financial analyst.

The model that would best work fro me would be the Kurt Lewin change theory. I would evaluate my choice of career using this theory because this theory would permanently effect the change. The disadvantages to this theory are that; before one decides to unfreeze, there are prevalent challenges of taking longer in school while studying another course. The other disadvantage would be having to look for a job because the business market is flooded and hence to establish a base for the clients will take some time.

In becoming a pharmacist, I will not have deviated totally from the profession of having to deal with medicine. In a way I will find myself doing services related to nursing also, to acquire the experience and the capital to run a pharmacy, it would take a long if I find myself in a fix that doest guarantee me to a loan. The best thing about pharmacy is that I would make some good money compared to nursing. The advantage to the business course is that it earns a lot of money once someone gets to establish a base for clients.

To evaluate my choice I would begin by setting an expectation while at the beginning, which can be overcome easily. To remind myself of the progress that I am supposed to have made upto the point I would have reached. I would then continue reviewing and revising my plan based on the experiences that I would have encountered on the journey to the change. I would also write a plan, which I would carry it with me so that I can remember always of the goals that I will have set (Wessels, 2006). REFERENCE Wessels, M. (2006). Experiential Learning. Wetton. Juta and Company Ltd.

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