Experimental Essay Topics

Experimental objective

Fourier optics is seen as an extension of Huygens-Fresnel principle. It is the study of classical optics that involves the Fourier transforms. The ideology behind this technique is that any wave that is moving has an infinite number of wave points which after colliding with an obstacle on the way may be seen to take… View Article

Experimental learning

Making a change in ones career is not an easy task because the individual has to consider very many things. Decisions are an every day affair and they are inevitable. Hence, in an effort to make broad our experiences, change helps us to make better decisions in life. One should have had a variety of… View Article

Boiling point of water with salt added

Over time, numerous applications for the addition of salt in water have been established and the process of adding salt in water has become a regular exercise wherever water has to be boiled around the world (Bradley, 2006). Purpose The purpose of this project is to study the implications of the addition of salt in… View Article

Chapter & Readings R

Chapter 9 readings this week is about experiments. The learning objectives in this chapter are the used for experimentation, advantages and disadvantages of the experiment method, seven steps of a well-planned experiment, internal and external validity with experiment research designs, and the three types of experiment designs and the variations of each. In chapter 9… View Article