Experiences Of War Essay

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Experiences Of War

It is difficult for a soldier to recall and relate his or her experiences of war.

During war, soldiers are often throw into a confronting and new experience where they quickly learn about the true hardship and struggle of warfare. Being deployed onto new a surrounding, unpredictable events can occur which may lead to detrimental effects on soldiers physically and more importantly mentally. Especially after returning from a war, a solder can show great signs of post dramatic stress due to the trauma that they had previously faced. These memories can have damaging effects, which may lead to different coping methods. War is an emotionally daunting task which can most definitely be a difficult time for soldiers to recollection and recount their experiences of it. The results of war can be detrimental. Soldiers risk their lives and beyond the physical consequences of war, they often return with mental and emotional scarring.

During war soldiers must adapt to everything that is around them. This means that they must become familiar with their surroundings and the people around them. War can last up to months if not years. In this period of dramatic changes in lifestyle, soldiers are taught to adjust to the extreme situations. Warfare the new normal as they must learn to react and act quickly to certain sounds or orders. In the article Battle scarred, Chris Terill describes going to war as “changes a man’s view of the world; it changes his view of himself”, meaning that they adapt with “like-minded comrades”. However when the war is all over the hardest part for them is that they “must eventually become civilians again”.

So sudden from a “dog-eat-dog” world, soldiers must quickly adjust to normal society again within the landing of the plane. This an obvious difficult task, which causes the soldiers to be traumatised which can truly affect the abilities to recall their experiences. It is definitely confronting and difficult to conform and come to terms with normal life after the memories and experiences of war. Regret and fear can become a great factor in the influence of a soldiers behaviours post war. It is tremendously difficult for a soldier to cope with the fact that they have done something unforgivable by the time they return.

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