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Experiences as a part of life Essay

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Experiences are a part of life which makes man more confident, strengthen its capabilities and polish him like a diamond. Same thing happened to me when I took admission in university . After leaving college life entering in university life is a different experience for me where everything is change from environment to studies. The first day of university life was quite different than the rest of the days. Have you ever been so excited that your heart can’t stop beating? That’s how I was my first day at the university. I was very excited, but also I was frightened.

I was about to meet the people who were going to be with me for four years. I kept asking myself; “would they be nice? Can I meet some good friends here? ” That morning I woke up too early and arrived at the university early. When I got there, I just sat on the Philosophy Department stairs waiting for someone else to arrive. The minutes passed and nobody arrived… 5, 7, 10 minutes and nothing. “Soon it’s going to be the meeting time and nobody else is here” I thought. When it was time and nobody appeared, I began to change my excite for fright and anguish.

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The time kept passing and nothing… All of the new students were supposed to meet at 8 o’clock, and when I looked at my watch, it was 8:30 so I started to think that I was in the wrong place. Because I was waiting for so long, nobody arrived yet, and there wasn’t anybody whom I could ask where the right place was, I didn’t know what I should do, and I began to feel scared. Suddenly, a guy appeared and sat behind me. I saw him, and I wanted to ask if he knew something about the meeting, but he looked as lost as I was.

After a few minutes, Mauricio, the guy sitting behind me, asked me “Excuse me, what time is it? ” So I looked at my watch, and I realized that it was 8:45 already. “What am I going to do? ” I thought, “I have to find the meeting place. ” Soon another guy named Wilson arrived and before we could realize that he was there, he started to talk to us. After a short talk, he told us that he knew the university and that he could guide us to a place where the meeting probably was. So the three of us decided to go to another building and check if the meeting was there.

As we all miss school life when we enter to college life in the similar manner we miss both college and school life when entering to university life because there is no comparison of college and school life with university. My first day at university was exciting one while entering through the gate I am wearing casual outfit and no uniform!!. I remember my college days when I entered to college I used to rush towards assembly area to attend assembly but there is no concept of assembly at university. When I enter to the class there are new faces over there (same situation as in college).

During break I interact with my classmates and ask their names. When I was sitting in cafeteria five senior came and welcomed me in there own style (i. e. ragging). After this I had a lunch with some money left . when my class was over I realize that college and school days are the golden days of one’s life. You cannot compare the college days with university days. My first day at university has large impact on me because I realize that professional studies are much difficult and requires great dedication whereas school and college studies if you prepare for exam just one month before you can easily pass the exam.

After the first day at university I feel that now I am grown up and now I can polish whatever the skills I possess . first day at university taught me the experience of life that in life you always find new faces, new environments and new challenges. If you are the able person these challenges doesn’t affect you. First day at university is a very delightful experience. When we arrived at the other building, all of the new students were in groups. The university had prepared some activities for integrating the Humanity Faculty’s new students, and all of the groups were already made.

I felt lost, and suddenly Mauricio and Wilson, the only guys that I knew, disappeared. They went to their groups. “Which one is my group,” I thought with fear. After a long search I could find my group, and I joined. When I was in my group, I started to do the activities that they were doing from the early morning. There were five more people in my group, but none of them were going to be philosophy students, so no one in my group would actually be my classmate. There were two future sociology students and three future psychology students, but no future philosophy students.

At lunch time, I met Mauricio again and he told me that he had met some future philosophy students. When the group activities ended, I met Mauricio, and we went out with some of our new classmates. That day we had the chance to meet each other and to make a nice group. Since that time we became very good friends. During my entire career, they were my friends. I had fun with them, and I also shared my sadness with them. They’re still my friends, and I know that they will be there when I need them, and I will be there for them whenever they need me.

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