Experience with My Pet Dog Essay

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Experience with My Pet Dog

I have a pet dog named Angie. It is an Alsatian. It is of medium height and white in colour. Angie has a bushy tail and glistening eyes.

Angie is one year old. She was given to me on my tenth birthday. Angie likes to wander about our house. She also like to chase our neighbours’ cats. She is docile in the presence of those she is familiar with, but strangers had better beware. As a matter of fact, nobody dares to enter our house without first having Angie tied up or put in her kennel. Even though she does not bite, she is very aggressive. Once, my friend, Joey, ignorantly entered my house, Angie pounced on him and he fell hitting his head, suffering a concussion. Every morning, when the newspaper man delivers the papers, Angie would bark at him non-stop. The postman too had several experiences. Now, however, Angie has come to recognise him as a friend and so, does not go after him.

Whenever I go out in the evenings, Angie accompanies me. I do not have to put her on a leash during our evening walks as she never disobeys my commands and tags along by my side. Angie is highly disciplined as she was bought from a dog trainer and not from an ordinary pet store. Most of my friends, initially, were afraid of her because of her size and fierce looks. However, now that they have got used to her, they seem quite unafraid and even play with her.

I really enjoy having Angie as my pet and friend, and always look forward to seeing her when I get back from school. From the way she rushes

to greet me, I am sure she feels the same.

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