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Experience essay

It all started ten years ago, an event that would change my life forever.I had my first known seizure and it was perhaps the scariest moment in my life. It wasn’t the seizure that scared me, mostly because i was asleep when it happened, but it was the way my mother and father reacted. It was as if they had just seen a ghost. They were in disbelief. I could tell by the way they were looking at me that something terrible had just happened and nobody, including the paramedics was telling me what happened. All i know is that it had felt like I had ran a marathon in my sleep and could barely move, my whole right side of my body numb and discombobulated. Even though this was one of the worst days in my life I also consider it to be one of the best days too, because thats the day I realized I was destined for greatness. I say I’m destined for greatness because i believe one hundred percent that I am, plain and simple. As a kid I was constantly told I wouldn’t amount to anything and that I couldn’t overcome my disability. For instance, at a young age I went to go get some testing done by Alexian Brothers, their test told me that i wouldn’t succeed in pretty much every subject needed to achieve my goals in real life, yet here I am.

Even though I had some hiccups my first two years because of medical issues, I persevered and graduated High school and have now set my goals on getting my associates degree because i’m a fighter. I have to fight, grind, and push my way through everyday just so I can understand some of the most simplest things, but its worth it because it makes me stronger and stronger. i can honestly say that im proud to be epileptic because it has allowed me to grow in ways that might not have been possible if I were a regular teenage kid. I’ve matured much quicker than I should have by having to take care of myself when my parents aren’t around.

I’ve been taking myself to doctors appointments and having to get blood drawn for as long as i can remember, and as far as I’m concerned no teenager should go through this because not only is it physically straining but it is ten times worse mentally and I think it goes to show how well and extremely lucky i am. I’ve come a long ways from that little eight year old kid ten years ago. I went from a frightened, scared kid who had no idea what epilepsy was or what it did, to a extremely confident young man who works harder than anyone else just to prove he’s worthy, and I believe I am because ever since I realized i was destined for greatness I haven’t let anything get in my way and I don’t intend to in the future.

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