Expenses of the organization Essay

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Expenses of the organization

Capitalism has been of great benefit to me as an individual due to the fact that it values political as well as economic freedom of an individual. Through allowing people to undertake various business activities, capitalism has allowed me to maximize on profit making. Capitalism does not limit the amount of wealth an individual can amass. Capitalism also ensures that my constitutional rights to own property are protected. The schemes of getting rich quickly in the capitalist world are some of the major disadvantages associated with capitalism.

The driving force of these schemes is the employees who pay the business loans of organizations voting at work so as to regulate the property they are paying for (Downing p, 37). As an employee I have been paying for the expenses of the organization I work for, which are by far beyond the salary of employees. The capitalist world favors development as well as establishment of as many industries as possible an aspect which in the long run results in environmental degradation.

The greatest losers of capitalism in the United States as well as the world are those who seem to have lost the battle for regulation of economic policies. These people include those who rely on agricultural capital. The winners of capitalism, on the pother hand, are those who invest in a variety of sectors including factories, companies, goods and services (Soto p, 114) Historical materialists, who are few, own so much wealth at the expense of the poor majority.

The practice of materialists constitutes some of the reasons as to why poor people and poor countries remain poor whereas rich people and countries continue expanding their wealth. Materialists claim that they are not accountable to anyone, but to their stakeholders and therefore all their practices are focused at amassing as much wealth as possible rather than looking at the plight of common man (Misraa, Woodringa, and Merz p, 320).

Work cited: Misraa, Joya. Woodringa, Jonathan. and Merz, Sabine. The globalization of care work: Neoliberal economic restructuring and migration policy, 2006, Vol 3: 3, 317 – 332 Soto, Hernando. The mystery of capital: why capitalism triumphs in the West and fails everywhere else, ISBN 0465016154: Basic Books, 2003 Downing, David. Capitalism, 2nd edn, ISBN 0431191808: Pearson Education, 2008

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