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Expectations And Goals

Where Do I Go From Here?
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A bucket list is a set of goals a person would very much like to achieve in their time of being alive. I see this Reflection Paper as a bucket list. It tackles my goals and aspirations in life and how I plan to reach those dreams in my future. I am also well-aware that I have to set my expectations for myself realistically. I have one rule for this paper: I can write about how great my dreams are…...
Expectations And Goals About Obtaining a Degree
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I got the idea for this article after overhearing a conversation the other day between two teenagers. One was arguing that getting a degree was the only way to get a good job to make good money and the other was arguing that getting a degree wasn’t necessary in today’s day and age in order to make good money. I’m sure you or someone you know have had this debate at least once and I think it’s one that’s becoming…...
Class Expectations
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My first expectation I had for this class was to be drilled with material on how to communicate. However I was wrong, instead, each and every class every student was encouraged to communicate back to the class. The different layout for the classroom each week made this class like no other that I have taken, because we never knew what to expect. This class helped me face my fear of talking in front of people. Every class meeting, I faced…...
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Where Do I Go From Here?

...It is a butterfly effect. Let's say that I did do great in Grade 11, then I could get in back-up colleges. If I pass the minimum IELTS score to get in BS Psych at ANU, then that would be better. I can apply for a scholarship grant and save from my sa...
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