Existentialism and Mans Perspective Kierkegaard Essay

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Existentialism and Mans Perspective Kierkegaard

1. Do you approve of Kierkegaard’s father’s teaching technique? Explain. Are there similarities between his technique and virtual reality? Are there differences? I do agree with Kierkegaard’s father’s teaching technique, for one can has choices to make every day and it is all dependent on fate to believe what is morally best. This can compare to virtual reality because anything can happen; one can decide either/or and choose what direction/fate of the path one desires. 2. Whom do you think Kierkegaard indentifies most with: the friend who doesn’t want to choose or Williams?

Or perhaps both? Kierkegaard in my view indentifies mainly on the friend who can’t choose between marriage. From a mans perspective Kierkegaard says it perfectly on either/or getting married or not your going to regret it. This excerpt shows that life is full of either/or decisions some obviously have a bigger outcome than others, however moral fate will decide where ones path will lead. 3. Compare the second excerpt with Sartre’s theory of the existential choice. The second excerpt with Sartre’s theory of existentialism has relevance to the excerpt of Either/Or from Kierkegaard.

In Sartre’s excerpt he states, we exist in the world with freedom to choose our path (Rosenstand, 2013). Existentialism is actually said to have originated with Kierkegaard, making a point that ones moral attitude determines how their direction fate will go. Many also live without a path of direction, fearing what can happen leads to a wrong path. This is what I can the man wearing a blindfold and letting ones existential and moral fate decide where he shall go. References Rosenstand, N. (2013). The moral of the story: An introduction to ethics. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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