Existence Of Senate Bill 4

A law that has banned sanctuary cities in Texas for immigrants. According to the America’s Voice, a sanctuary city is “There’s no single definition of what is a sanctuary city, but generally speaking, it’s a city that limits its cooperation with federal immigration enforcement agents in order to protect low-priority immigrants from deportation, while still turning over those who have committed serious crimes.” (Americas, and Voice). People and a few legislatures have voiced how having Senate Bill 4 will begin a train of untrustworthiness with the community.

Some also suggested that “… it would encourage racial profiling and violate the First and Fourth Amendments.” (Gonzales). In this paper it will look at the important aspects from Senate Bill 4, how it is beneficial to us as a state with sanctuary cities, how it will harm our communities, and why should it continue to exist.

When a new bill comes into your hometown it is always good to understand the important parts from it.

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It is important to understand how the bill works and what are your rights. Senate Bill 4 simply states that police officials of any kind are now obligated to confine any undocumented citizens roaming around causing harm to our communities. Once arrested, they are to be sent to a jail space. It is also important that it be known that officers cannot ask your status if say they pull you over for a plain traffic violation. Moving on, we will now look at the significance. The significance from this bill is to provide a safe environment for citizens and to push immigrants to want to achieve citizenship and contribute to the society.

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One last important affect from Senate Bill 4 would be the amount of business that will be disturbed. According to National Immigration Forum, “The bill moves in the direction of removing more undocumented immigrants, who, in Texas, are responsible for $69.3 billion in economic activity, $30.8 billion in gross state product and 403,174 jobs.”

Although it might be seen as a bad thing to have this bill in place, there are some benefits that can come out. For example, as said in the MySA newsletter website, they believe that the bill will make the communities in Texas safer because “This new law targets criminals, not those on whom criminals prey.” (Abbott). They shoot down the theory that racial profiling of any sorts or discrimination will not appear from this bill. The newsletter also states how officers are not allowed to randomly as anyone on the street for documentation. The officers have to have a legit reason for asking. Reading this about the bill might make others who are legal citizens feel safer when out and about. I believe these are a few of the important parts from the bill.

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