Exhibition Learning Essay

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Exhibition Learning

Art is controversy. Even with words and visuals, it cannot be explained in its full essence. It can be felt, it can be understood, but it cannot be explained by anyone. It can be explained by the artworks themselves and for each individual, the meaning is different. One of the most common ways to showcase different forms or kinds of art is through exhibitions. An exhibition is a display, a presentation of something for the public. For an artist to have a solo exhibition, or to be included in a major exhibition, it is already an honor.

However, in putting up or organizing an exhibition, many things have to be taken into consideration. Exhibitions may focus on one artist, one group, one genre, or one theme and they may include anything from paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos, or interactive pieces. Usually, when exhibitions feature different artists, the works have the same theme or the genre. For example, one exhibition which Chen Quilin participated in centered around the effect on Chinese culture by urban development.

Now, there are major reminders on how to put up a good and effective exhibition. One technique is to use only one size for print art, and also putting captions on the artworks. The size is important so that the appearance is consistent and organized. The grouping of the artworks must be according to artist or to theme. Another factor is the use of leaflets, brochures or pamphlets. This is very helpful so the visitors will have something to take home and perhaps use as future references.

These may contain facts about the artists, their works, and schedules for exhibitions. The equipment to be used is also a major factor. Every small detail concerning the materials must be well planned out and thought of. Tables, decorations, technical equipment must be organized and placed in the area in such a way that it is not distracting. For example, some use panel boards to mount the photographs. Some exhibitions also prefer to hang paintings on the walls. For sculptures, where to place them is indeed very tricky.

The venue must have an artistic feel, and yet, still look organized. The placing of the artworks must be creative, not crowded, and yet in such a way that the audience will be able to see everything in the exhibition and not miss a single artwork. Another tricky part in exhibition is the promotion and the publicity associated with it. The target audience must be decided, as well as how to invite the public to come and view the exhibition. The effect of the publicity is mostly due to an attention-grabbing and effective display, or banner.

It is also recommended that the hosts entertain the visitors and encourage them to ask questions and to look at the other pieces. Planning an exhibition is definitely not an easy task. There are more factors to remember, aside from the ones stated previously. The process of planning must not be rushed, or else the quality of the exhibition might suffer. It is important to understand every single detail as to ensure the success of the exhibition. It is also fulfilling to plan exhibitions because of the privilege to show the public the different pieces and interpretations of art that the artists have created.

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