Exclusionary Essay Topics

Exclusionary Zoning vs. Inclusionary Zoning

Initially the urge to provide better and safer housing for the low income population in New York City can be dated to at least as far back as the Jacob Riis’s 1891 book, How the Other Half Lives. In his book, he vividly depicts the pathetic conditions the low-income New Yorkers (other half) live in;… View Article

Unity vs Exclusion

The fact that the story of The Crucible takes place in Salem, Massachusetts during the 17th century made the community gullible and superstitious. According to the story, the 1800s was a time when the community was heavily manipulated by Puritan value system. The people were also greatly influenced by their religion and obedience to the… View Article

The Exclusionary Rule

Abstract Not one person can answer a question about the “exclusionary rule” until they know what is stated in the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment and the exclusionary rule go hand in hand. The Fourth Amendment was put into the constitution to limit on the actions of overzealous officers (Peak, 2006). Then, one must understand… View Article