Exchange Shopping Centre Essay

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Exchange Shopping Centre

Running Bare is an active gear store for women. It first opened its first concept store in Putney in July of 2004. It gained reputation as the leading women’s activewear, footwear and swimwear specialist and store in the next few years. This led to the expansion of the store to include the opening of branches in Temple Fortune North London and Tunbridge Wells and the most recent, Australia. With a mission to provide quality sportswear and accessories for women on the lookout for excellent performance gears and wears with a fashion sense.

The working philosophy of Running Bare hails from the confidence, success-driven and positive energy that women on the go possess. With an excellent inventory of sports shoe brands such as Asics, Running Bare also uniquely offers technical advice and foot assessment in their stores. Running bare products are expertly designed to augment balance, vitality and strength to the women who war them, giving the much needed support for the type of activities they perform, allowing them to excel.

Since women are at the heart of Running Bare, its driving goal is to preserve sophistication and style in each of their product yet providing an exquisite partner for every active woman out there. Running Bare products range from tops, pants/bottoms, fliptops, footwear, accessories, swimwear, trainers and a line of beauty products. Products are also categorized according to activities such as running, fitness, yoga and pilates, swimwear, courts ports and netball. Running Bare stores are located at The Exchange Shopping Centre?

High Street Putney,? London SW15 1TW? with contact number, 0208 788 8875 and ? Email:[email protected] co. uk? They open from ? 9am – 6pm – Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday? 9am – 7pm – Thursday? 11am – 5pm – Sunday. To get to this store, you can board the following? BUS ROUTES? 74, 14, 22, 265, 85, 93, 37, 430, 424, 39, 337, 220. The Running Bare Temple Fortune is located at? 7 Hallswelle Parade,? Finchley Road? London NW11 0DL. You can contact them at tel. 0208 458 9375? and Email:[email protected] uk. They open from

9. 30am – 5. 30pm – Monday to Saturday? CLOSED – Sunday. If you are taking the tube, you can disembark at Golders Green and then 15min walk or take buses 102 (towards Edmonton), 82 or 460 (towards North Finchley) Runningbare Tunbridge Wells? is located at 201 Royal Victoria Place Royal Tunbridge Wells TN1 2SS. Their contact number is 01892 617 338 and email: [email protected] co. uk. They open from 9am – 6pm – Monday to Saturday and 9am – 8pm – Thursday and 10. 30am – 4. 30pm – Sunday.

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