Excel Essay Topics

Ict implementation

Once the system is created, it is important to test the system, this is so I can discover any faults within the system and to make sure that I have met the end user requirements The system will be tested with: normal data ( data which is the normal to test) Extreme data ( data… View Article

Converting a Formerly Paper Based System to Excel

Design a system using Microsoft excel, on which a small business can run, which is presently paper based. The system should simplify the day to day running of the business and be relatively easy to use. A simple set of instructions must be supplied for the user and a set of detailed instructions in case… View Article

History – bisness plan

The owners of Excel Hygiene have been colleagues in a company which operated on a national scale, converting urban organic waste in to natural fertilizers for crop production in farms. This company has decided to focus on the rural sector and does not wish to expand its urban operations. Its major customer group is of… View Article

Theoretical Framework for School Scheduling Management System

Technologies evolve now a day. The proponents can see technology goes more advanced now and then. A computerized system enhanced our lifestyle. The proponents can see that the society has made a very real commitment to computer. A computer is an electronic device design to manipulate and used to store data and information. The researchers… View Article