Examples of ways to establish ground Essay

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Examples of ways to establish ground

Produce a briefing document for a new member of staff who will be delivering classes in your specialist area embedding functional skills. The document should demonstrate your understanding of: a) ways to establish ground rules with learners

Beginners Massage Course Introductory Weekend Briefing document

The aim of the Beginners Massage Course Introductory Weekend is to give people the chance to learn a few basic massage techniques and explore their interest in massage without having to commit to a full study programme.

Before embarking on teaching the Intro weekend it is important to understand the need for ground rules: those already set by the organisation/ set by you, set by the learners themselves before /or during the course and rules agreed by both of you.


Please read through our organisational policies & procedures including Health & Safety & Fire policy; this enables you to understand what to do in the event of a fire and to instruct your students/learners on the evacuation procedure. the syllabus gives clear objectives; lesson plans with suggested time frames, how to assess, monitor and review the achievements of the students, different methods of teaching, resources to hand (course manuals,whiteboard etc.), progression routes from beginners, anatomy & physiology through to practitioner level and also more course specific health and safety guidelines including advice on dress, jewellery, hygiene, use of equipment and the continuous observation of posture and correct stoke techniques.

These provide a structure for the course for you & the students to follow, supports the diversification of learning skills (demonstration, verbal, hands on, handouts etc.) and give clear guidelines on where to go next with their knowledge. There are a maximum of 10 students per class with a mix of male & female of all ages though minimum age is 21. Due both to the size of the room and our past experience we have found that this is an ideal number for a learning group. Requirements sent to all students at time of booking:

– please arrive by 9.50am
– you may wish to change into loose comfortable clothing
– please bring 2 large bath towels
– leave all your valuable at home i.e. we rings, necklaces, earrings etc. as we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to these items as they will have to be removed during the class – For the comfort of the student you will be working with, please ensure your nails are short. These requirements ensure the smooth running of the course, all students having correct equipment/can learn equally and the well-being of students.

Tutor set

At the start of the course it is good practice to establish some basic housekeeping practices: evacuation procedures, whereabouts of toilets, suggested break/lunch times and use of mobile phones. Introduce yourself. This gives a little of your background to the students, gives them an idea of where they can go and your experience. Give a brief overview of the weekend, how it will run

Review/ recap at the end of each day what they have learnt and ask if there are any questions/areas that need attention.

This way give structure to the course and helps manage expectations for the students.

Student led/negotiated

Give students opportunity to introduce themselves
Students choose to work with another student and this partner can be kept for the whole weekend or they may change. Students are more compliant when they set the rules so allow them to decide if & when they are ready to move onto the next technique or wish to review and repeat what they have already done.

This way gives opportunity to learn the syllabus whilst allowing some fluidity in what pace the class moves at, allows access for everyone to learn equally and working with individual learning requirements. Understanding more about each other gives a feeling of ‘community’ or familiarity within the group so mutual respect & empathy can take place.

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