Examples Essay Topics

Study of the mind and brain

Just as parents are to the children at home, so are the teachers also to be in the schools. They should assist in the welfare of the children. They should bring them up psychologically, mentally and in all areas of life. As a teacher, it is expected of him or her to draw close to… View Article

Handicaps and Special Needs

Handicaps and Special Needs people are those who are not considered “normal” because of their physical (blindness), mental (mental retardation), motor (unable to walk properly) or Auditory Perception Disability (“difficulty distinguishing subtle differences in shapes, reversing letters like “d” and “b” or “p and “q”, or confusing “E” and “3. “). Disability can be mild… View Article

Two Examples of Environmental Impact Assessments

The cities of Baku, Azerbaijan and Kingston, Ontario Canada are worlds apart, both geographically and culturally. They share at least one characteristic: the need for water. Like every other city on earth, they have built systems to accommodate their needs for water, electricity, and all the other necessities of modern life. Each city also has… View Article