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Example of speech text

With all due respect to the English teacher ,and all my friends in this class,…Good Morning!!! In this chance, I would like to tell you my speech that has the theme “Using Internet make us healthy and productive!”

Internet is not sounds familiar, especially among students now. That because Internet is very useful in the learning. But, not just for learning internet could give all of want. Not only that, using internet could make us healthy anf productive.

Why should I say internet could make us healthy? According to a reality, now in the internet had already a lot of entertainment sites, like games. Not only that, internet also provides how to perform a variety of health programs, from variety specialists of health. And not a few people who successfully live with program of healthy living with resources from the internet. Using information from the internet can be done by anyone, without need to pay an expensive, then such as consultations with health professionals.

Next, internet also could make us productive. It because in internet available a variety ways to make different products, starting from simple unti rather difficult to do. People could get productive by utilizing information from using internet.

Provided there is a desire we could successful is to easy, using much information, especially from the internet that available so much information.

So, if we already know that by using the internet could make us healthy, and produktive. Let us use the internet .Of course for purposes that are positive. Because the internet will be good or bad depending on how and to what the Internet was used.

Just that could I to say, thankyou for your attention and Good Morning !!!

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