Example of Resume and Practical Application Letter

On behalf of the School of Business of the University of Michigan, I submit herewith an application for the student mentioned below to conduct his/her industrial training under your esteemed organization. The industrial training program is one of the course requirements for student to complete their Bachelor of Business (with honors) degree.

For your information, the placement should last for 3 months from 24 June 2013 to 13 September 2013. The main objective of this placement is to expose the student to the working environment in the corporate world, of which can be explained further by the attached “Program Objectives’’.

The following student (enclosed CV) is majoring in Entrepreneurship. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact any number of the practicum coordinator during office hours.

In addition, below are few other objectives with regard to practical training:

  • To brief the trainees the roles and task performed as well as to prepare daily/weekly schedule.
  • To improve the trainees understanding on the company’s roles and contribution towards the industry.

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  • To provide opportunity for trainees to be involved in the organization operation management and other activities such as briefing/seminars, workshops, exhibition and etc.
  • To improve communication and public relation techniques in order to enhance better relationship within the company as well as the customers.

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