Example of How to make Scopes and Limitations Essay

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Example of How to make Scopes and Limitations

Through our efforts and our dilemma of accepting painful failures and sweet success, at last, we have come up to make a study about the problems in our community and we have decided to make a lawn mower. In our lawn mower, we are going to utilize the recyclable materials thrown, found scattered, and available in our community. We are going to try hard not to waste money. In fact, we will not only use recyclables for we are sure that we will have different kinds of other materials not found in the community that we are going to need in the making of our product. This study focuses on the utilization of a community by the reduction of reusable waste, that may cause unexpected harm to our health and inconvenience to the people in our community.

This probation mainly covers the use of recyclable trashes in our community streets, vacant lots, and backyard grounds. As the main component for the foundation of the equipment we are going to administer tin cans and bottle caps (tansan). The management of this waste leads to saving the community from obnoxious diseases that may cause sickness and dying to both animals and humans. This study is limited in the usage of recyclable materials such as: tin cans, bottle caps, and used bicycle wheels. Our product limits on cutting grass or weeds in different places it can be appropriate to use. The usage of this lawn mower depends on the movement of the wheels connected to gears and to the blade itself. It is also not appropriate for long grasses because it can only work well in short ones.

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