Example Lay Out of School Paper Essay

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Example Lay Out of School Paper

It has been 5 years since the School of Education (SOE) tasted the sweetness of pride wearing the crown of Miss WVSU-LC. And now Miss Rita Marie Penado got it again for the SOE last September 21, 2012 when she outshined the three other competitors from the three departments/school.

Miss Penado, a first timer for the pageant will represent the campus to Miss WVSU 2013 during the University Week Celebration scheduled on January 2013 at Main Campus Lapaz Iloilo City.
During the local pageant, Penado received minor awards on Miss Photogenic, Most Popularity, Best in Talent, and Best in Interview.
Mr. James Paren of BSED-IV escorted Miss Penado to the contest and consequently won the title of First Runner Up with special awards on Best in Talent and Mr. Popularity.
Representative from the School of Technology Mr. Ricky Javana was crowned Mr. WVSU-LC 2012 with the following minor awards: Mr. Photogenic, Best in Formal Wear, and Best in Interview.
Other contenders were Miss Jessa Horlador from the School of Technology, First Runner Up; Miss Beverly Lubas and Mr. Mark Anthony Espadon from the School of Criminology, Second Runner Up; and Mr. Raymond John Tiu and Miss Jerelyn Lomitillo from the School of Management, Third Runner Up.

Hinampang 2012

By: April Lyn Geti-ayon Christine Joy Vallejo

West Visayas State University-Lambunao Campus extended their annual University Hinampang last September 13-15, 2012. The activity was participated by the schools which are segregated into four energetic and competing Units; Unit 1-Torch (school of education), Unit 2-Pheonix (school of Technology), Unit 3-Eagles (school of Criminology) and Unit 4-Lions (school of management). This three days celebration had started with the parade of the faculty and staff and the different schools, organizations, and clubs. The opening program was highlighted with the cheer dance competition sponsored by the cultural affairs wherein the Unit 4-Lions (school of Management) bagged the trophy of championship for the year’s cheer dance competition. Hinampang 2012 activity aims to intensify the hidden skills, talents and abilities of every student as well as to strengthen their good sportsmanship among other students.


K12: for Globalization
By: Hazel Hablador

After considering various proposals, K12 Program finally took its step towards globalization. Officially, the implementation of this program had started this School Year 2012-2013. Despite of the shortcomings such as lack of school facilities, classrooms, and teachers, the government believes that Philippine Education needs this program in order to decongest and enhance the basic education curriculum and provide better quality education for all which is the demand in the global market. The model that is currently proposed by the Dep-Ed is the K-6-4-2 Model. This model embroils Kindergarten, six years of elementary education, four years junior high school (grades 7-10), and two years senior high school (grades 11-12). The two years senior high school anticipates running time for students to consolidate acquired academic skills competencies.

With the help of k12, we can show the world that we can compete globally. Upshot to this are accelerated economic growth, mutual recognition of Filipino graduates and professionals in other countries and positive overall impact on society. This is the best step that the government had imposed for the betterment of all. Let us always remember that whatever changes that may happen in the education system of our country, it is still part of our learning. We just need to follow and widen our fruitage of knowledge so that whatever zigzag road we may take, at the end, the road we have taken is still peaceful and bountiful. This is the change that will bring us to a new life and will make us competent to other countries.


Jefhrey Canopin Janine Marie Pama
Marven Losaria April Lyn Geti-ayon
Harold Quimba Christine Joy Vallejo
Hazel Hablador April Lasangre
Anthea Lebanan Richen Lindres
Krizzan Jade Jumilla Jenalyn Gonzaga
Mhay Lauron April Rose Lindong
Anna Rose Soler

The Joy of Triumph
(A simple Talk to a Queen)
By: Jenalyn Gonzaga and April Rose Lindong

It was early in the morning of October 5, 2012 when I was walking along the corridor to attend the World’s Teachers’ Day; I met the reigning queen of WVSU-LC 2012. In a far distance I spotted the exotic beauty of Rita Marie Penado so I turned my way just to meet her. The crowned queen was very approachable and kind hearted so I invited her for a short chat. “Hello Miss Rita can I ask you a favor?”

“Yes what is it?”
“I just want to ask you about the pageant”.

“What did you feel w2hen you were crowned as Miss WVSU-LC?” Rita replied with a sweet smile on her face “well, when I was crowned as Miss WVSU-LC 2012, I couldn’t exactly explain what my feeling was. It was unexplainable happiness. My tears run down my eyes; tears of joy. Likewise, I felt proud of my school. I didn’t expect of winning the crown but I did. It’s because I trust God. “Wow that’s great! “What are your preparations before the grand pageant?” “Actually, I’m not prepared like the other candidates.

All I did was set my mind for the pageant, a little bit of practice and pray for God’s guidance during the pageant. That’s all, nothing less, nothing more.” “Really? What do you feel when you are walking on stage?” “Definitely, I was nervous, so nervous that I couldn’t stand nor looked straight to the judges as well as the audiences. I imagined a crowd was looking at me. Oh My Gosh! That was my first time to join a pageant. I thought of stepping back, but never did me. The worst about it was I’m not even expecting to win the crown.” Rita told me with open heart.

To be continued on page ..4

By: Richen Lindres and Anthea Lebanan

After such tremendous victory winning the cheerdance competition it is surprising to say the least. Suddenly we are presented with a series of failure that stands and striking contrast for the wonderful victorious of the past two years. How instructive this if we only have the ears to listen to the message of this: “the thrill of victory was so quickly replaced by the agony of defeat”. This is the story of defeat. This the story of life and something we must learn to deal within our daily walk. One minute, we can be living in victory and next is defeat. The whistle blew. It was all over. The long practices and hard game, all the running and training, all the tough and shooting, all the pasta parties and toilet papering, everything. Over, ended, done. Why? Because the whistle had blown.as one team run off the field for joy and excitement, the other walked off in utter disappointment . as one side cheered, the other cried. The opposing team had left, the crowds had cleared, but our team just sat at our bench, looking, staring, and glaring at the empty field; mud patches and torn up grass everywhere.

Poster everywhere, some hug high on the windows and some still sturdy on walls while others hung by a thread , others were just thrown to the ground by one-lookers and still more hung on fences wishing, wanting, hoping, for nothing but for the best of the team. Everyone stood, sat, laid looking at the field in amazing filled with disappointment, anger and sadness all the same time, trying to comprehend how everything they had worked so hard for had come to an end so quickly.

Put to an end by the blow of the whistle. Thinking back to all the perfect opportunities..missed, all the unlucky touches or unconnected passed wondering what would have happened if one thing had been done differently. Tears, hugs, words, it was all enough; it all meant nothing. It wasn’t supposed to end like this, and yet, with the final whistle, it did. Everyone now is experiencing the agony of defeat. Some days when they are sitting in class, staring out the window, at the field, they remember, they wonder, they wish, they push it out of their minds, still experiencing the agony of defeat. Sports…and others….


By: Janine Marie Pama and Ana Rose Soler
Joy of triumph…….
“So will you kindly share to us some beauty tips in order to maintain our beauty and body.” “hahahaha” Rita gave a short laugh. “ to tell you frankly, I never expected that question. Well, to maintain your beauty and body; simply relax, eat moderately with healthy foods, be stress free and most of all smile, all out smile and the world will smile at you.” “Thanks Rita. It was a pleasure to have a talk with you.

Rita just gave a big “hahahahahahahahhaha”
We exchanged laughter together. It was a great moment for me to have a chat with the reigning queen.

Despite of the rain and muddy field, Eagles (School of Criminology) made it to the top when they smashed down the Torches (School of Education) during the championship game of football women last September 15, 2012. The Eagles beat down the torches with the score of 1-0 on the first half. Another ball was made to goal on the second half score of Eagles. The game ended with the tally of 2-0.

Lions Roared and Crushed the Eagles
By: Harold Quimba and April Lasangre

On the hotness of the game, the management lions made it to the champ and whitewashed the Criminology Eagles during the University Hinampang, championship game Volleyball boys held September 15,2012. The ball spin and hit down the players of the Eagles as the Lions made the crushing spikes on the first quarter. Another winning score had made the game hotter as they tally tie on the middle of the game. The last quarter had ended scored to the lions-23-25.

Experience of an aspiring teacher…
By: Mhay L. Lauron

Ambition is part and parcel of everyone’s life. It serves as a guiding star that lights our way to triumph. I never expected to be future teacher someday, but as time passes by, the feeling of being a future educator someday had eventually embraced me… I grew up in a poor family, my father was a farmer and we are 10 in the family. I know the situation that we have during that time. I was the youngest but still the faith that I have in my heart is to help my parents in return of their sacrifices that they had. It is the farthest school which is 12- 14 kilometers walking distance from our house. For me this was only a start of my life. The next level of my life in school was totally a great sacrifice.

It is now my college life. There are times in that I am about to cry because the boredom and longing for my family. I had to be strong and forget the loneliness; instead I focused on my studies. As an aspiring teacher, I worked hard for it. All my pains and sacrifices resulted in a reward. This is now the time that 6months from now I am about to graduate in this university. West Visayas State University- Lambunao Campus. I guess there’s always a first time for everything no matter how old we are. For the last semester a series of “First” followed:

* This was my first to handle a class with heterogeneous pupils. * First time to experience a pupil that urinated and eliminated his waste while the class was going on. * First time to have a pupil who goes home in tears without any reason at all. * Lastly , I had for the first time a parent scolded me for making her child upset because I scolded him for being absent in my class and teasing his other classmates to make noise inside the classroom. Based on my own experiences, I learned a lot of things after the OJT and it really transforms me to a new creature. Well I guess this was the most essential part of being an aspiring teacher. To explore and to adjust what is going on in our new environment. That is a specialty of a teacher that no one could ever had. Lastly, I would say that poverty is not an obstacle to higher education but a mere challenge to fight for a professional survival and achieve your dreams in your most noble way

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