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Examine the representation of Afghanistan and its refuges in a variety of print media Essay

It is believed that the purpose of a newspaper is to state the facts about what is going on in the world around us. However, media is a way of manipulating the minds of the greater population into making and holding certain values and opinions. Propaganda is used frequently in everyday life to manipulate our thoughts, and despite what the majority of us think, it does affect our opinions. In general, we believe that what is portrayed as ‘News’ is fact, but often the facts are twisted to support the political views or aims of the Newspaper, journalist or other interested group.

Articles 2, 3 and 7 are very emotive and desperate for help from a wide audience. In article 3 the photograph of a young homeless girl grabs readers attention and they (especially parents) are known to sympathise more with images of children, a lonely child looks lost, sad and in need. The title in Article 7 stands out against the black attracting readers’ attention, it is aimed at very broad audience yet simplistic enough to reach a wider audience. The statement “�1 will enable WFP to feed a family of five for one day” is cunning because the reader will be aware of the value of a pound and how easily we can waste �1, so it encourages us to donate money. All the articles give short simple facts about the crisis that is shocking to the readers in a wealthy country.

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Articles 1,4, 5,6 and 8 are explaining the situation regarding Afghanistan refugees fleeing over the borders, which has now reached crisis point. Articles 4 & 5 shows that no individual has been interviewed in these pieces of text, which are very brief. This is probably because the people they could interview didn’t have the same opinion as the reporter the article may be brief because it has to be understood by a lower class person in the tabloid press. Article 5 is a report about an article in a Pakistan newspaper; this article explains how Pakistan is receiving millions of Afghan refugees but has no where to send them as they are already sheltering around 2million Afghan’s in crowded refugee’s camps, more Afghan’s are expected. This would give the reader the impression that the Pakistan Government has done all they can. and cannot cope with growing numbers of fleeing refugees. In these particular articles there is no definite message but a mix of information about the refugee camps, it is left remarkably wide open for your own judgement.

Articles 8, 9 and 10 are reporting events about the Afghanistan situation from a worldwide perspective. I believe that article nine is biased against the Afganistans because of the political party the Daily Telegraph supports, or because of the editor’s personal opinion. Article 8 is written to meet the needs of a more intellectual person who would already understand the area and it’s culture. The photograph adds value to the text by showing the bleakness of the land, which Pakistan has given up for the Afghans. It could mislead the reader into thinking the situation was not dire and that Pakistan was providing a fully functional campsite for the Afghans. This shows an example of propaganda that has been uncovered by the reporter who has actually visited the camp.

The text of article 10 does not seem to be biased at all. It gives both sides of an argument a fair trial and leaves the article open-ended so you can make your own decision.

There are two main types of newspaper Tabloids, like the Sun and Mirror and Broadsheets like the Telegraph. Tabloids are the most popular type of paper; it is often smaller in size, more colourful and relies on page three girls and other such shock tactics, to attract readers. Broadsheets are generally larger in size, more serious and less colourful.

In my opinion I prefer the reporting of the Telegraph to the others because it’s more to the point. It doesn’t mess around with puns or large flashy pictures, it gets to the point in great factual detail. It also gives lots of opinions from lots of angles. As to the bias and audience at which the article is aimed at. The headline draws attention to itself, especially if it is written in very bold and uncomplicated text.

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