Examine the Changes in Location and Development of Tourism Activities Essay

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Examine the Changes in Location and Development of Tourism Activities

The changes in location and development of tourism activities over the past 50 years can be linked to advantages in air travel, economic growth and the development of technology linked to the internet dangers in the type and availability of accommodation for tourism has also been responsible for changes in the development of tourism activities. Population growth must also be considered when explaining changes in the development of tourism. Booking flights and hotels is now much easier. You can use a travel agent, but increasingly more people are going online to book their own flights and hotels and flights either directly or through agents. It is also possible to look at customer reviews so you can assess the quality of hotels, tours, etc.

As communication and transport improved, more people hear about and travel to new places. At the same time that new destinations are discovered, more and more people are going on holidays on these places.

Improved communication has not only made booking holidays easier, it has also meant people can now keep in contact much easier while abroad. This has removed the worry from many families. You can now update your status on Twitter or Facebook or send e-mail or texts to family letting them know where you are or what are you doing. It is now just as easy to communicate with your family half way around the world as it is from the next street.

English is slowly become an international language – it is the most widely spoken second language. As the number of English speakers increase, more and more people are confident about going on holiday and knowing that they will be able to communicate. As the tourism industry develops the amount of multilingual guides is also increasing so it is possible to visit a foreign country and go on a tour in your native language.

Even with the on-going global economic downturn, the world economy is growing. This economic growth is being led by the so called emerging economies e.g. China, Russia and India. With economic growth ore individuals are removed from poverty and are able to afford to go on holiday. People can afford holidays when there disposable income increases. Disposable income is the amount of money left over after all bills are paid for.

Over the past 50 years the relative cost of transport has fallen and the ease of moving between countries has increased. Car ownership has increased, new train networks have been built and new airports opened. In the last decade low-cost airlines have emerged and increased tourism. Low-cost airlines offer cheaper flights that normal airlines by removing added extras like airport check-in, in-flight meals, checked baggage and seat selection. The growth of transport has meant people can go on more holidays and also go on shorter holidays (weekend breaks).

We are now saturated with advertising on billboards, in magazines, on TV and increasingly online. These adverts make us aware of new destinations and persuade us to visit new places. There has also been a growth of TV programs just about holiday destinations.

The emergence of credit cards has made it much easier to pay for holidays and it has made it easier for people to buy things once on holiday. Credit cards can be used to pay for hotels and flights online and can be used to pay for things on holiday or take local currency out of ATMs. Credit cars remove the worry of carrying large amounts of money and the time of exchanging currencies.

In conclusion, the growth and changes in location of the tourism in the last 50 years it is caused by thing that went occurring by the pass of the year but the most important is the technology that it grows allot in the last 50 years. The tourism grow because booking flight and hotels is now much more easier, the communication improved so now the people can keep in contact being in any country in the world, the transport is better and cheaper, credit cards has made it much easier to pay for holidays.

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