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EVOS Office

The Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 is considered as the worst environmental challenge that the state of Alaska has faced over the years. The incident led to the spillage of around eleven million gallons of oil from the Exxon Valdez tanker which immediately affected the immediate environment which resulted to the ecological imbalance within the water system affecting marine life and the loss of thousands of sea birds that dwell in the area.

(“Crude Awakening,” 2008) Since the incident, Exxon Mobil has tried to resolve the problems and the impending threats and risks that come with the spread of oil within the water system by transforming the mission of the company as it inches forward to alleviate the effects of the oil spill. The mission of Exxon Mobil is to keep up with the growing demand for energy all over the world by providing and facilitating the abundance of oil and gas resources under the dimensions of financial stability, the adaptation of technological innovations, and efficiency and superiority in presenting the goods and services of the company.

(Exxon Mobil, 2008a) To strengthen the position of the company in terms of social responsibility, it upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct by implementing principles that meet the conditions of ethics and morality. The guiding principles that Exxon Mobil observes are defined for both the internal and external members of the organization. Exxon Mobil acknowledges the role of stakeholders in the success of the company by working on improving products and services to ensure the return of investment and financial stability.

For the company’s consumers, Exxon Mobil undertakes the responsibility of satisfying them, despite diversity or varied preferences. Aside from the company’s consumers, Exxon Mobil also follows guiding principles in handling employees. The company strives to sustain a highly competitive pool of staff, personnel, or employees by hiring, recruiting, and looking after the needs and demands of able individuals who meets the mission, goals, and objectives of the company.

To enhance corporate social responsibility, Exxon Mobil observes practices that are geared towards satisfying the expectations of communities. Exxon Mobil assures society of their will to become a valuable asset of the community by adhering to and respecting laws, whether domestically or internationally, and consider the multicultural diversity at all times. (Exxon Mobil, 2008b) Due to the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the company has worked towards transforming the mission statement of Exxon Mobil by incorporating other goals or objectives to address the problems brought about by the incident.

Apparently, the company established the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council following the incident that damaged the ecological environment in Alaska. The mission statement of the council constitutes the determination of the company to re-establish the natural environmental conditions of the immediate location of the situation under the dimensions of the desirable quality of life based on set standards of living. (“Restoring the Resources,” 2004) Exxon Mobil’s focus included the mission of addressing environmental concerns that will lead to the restoration of the ecosystem in Alaska.

The company exerts time, effort, and resources in conducting research, establishing plans for restoration, monitoring the progress or changes in the environment, providing reimbursements as payments for damages and other costs caused by the oil spill, working on the establishment of means of protecting the habitat or ecosystem in the area, and such. (NOAA, 2008) Overall, the oil spill in 1989 caused Exxon Mobil to become aware of the effects and influences of the incident to the environment.

Since then, it has included in its mission not only the restoration of natural environmental conditions in Alaska, but the continued protection of environmental systems not only in the area but all over the world as well.


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