Evolving Output Mediums as Development Of Technology

Mobile phones

A mobile phone has many uses but in regards to graphic images, it allows the user to take pictures on the phone and then allows it to be transferred to either a computer or to other devices. Mobile phones have evolved widely over such a short period and have now gathered the qualities to alter images which also helps with graphic designs, send images via Bluetooth, text, email, or even a server such as icloud, picture editors, instagram and even face time for apple products.


The definition of a printer is an output device that enables a user of a computer to print out what they see on their screen.The development of printers of the ages has become more advanced whereas a couple years ago if you were to use a printer you would have to pay for an expensive printer in order to get the best picture possible obviously this would stop your image editing process.

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In the world of today this is no longer the case, of course if you buy a more expensive printer then it’s going to be better than an average printer, you get what you pay for but the result will be the same.


The way the monitor has evolved and enhanced its use is by going from pixelated images to vector images which makes it clearer and sharper image, this is great for graphic design, creation and editing. Older monitors used the likes of “Cathode ray tube monitors” whereas a majority of todays monitors are now flat screen and are called LCDs “Liquid Crystal Display” also known as flat screens.

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Evolving Output Mediums as Development Of Technology

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