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EVM 101: Business of Event Management

Summary: – The name of our event is Tails of Help. We are a fundraising organisation who helps Windsor Essex County Humane Society to raise fund for Welfare of Animals /pets. They work into Adoption, Lost and Found, Pet care, Pet food, Animal Welfare, Animal Education, Health and Donations for animals/pets.

Our team work for raising fund and awareness for animals, for this we have different ways for raising money through this event. We have many vendors participating in event, we will be having many booths which includes variety of food, pets products, awareness stall, art booths.

Donation booth to donate on the spot facility. We have our teams booth as well with awareness pamphlets, pets photographs, their products like collar, bows, accessories, food etc.

Vision: – The tails of help will provide leadership across Ontario, in ensuring the proper treatment of companion animals.

Mission: – To advance animal welfare protection province wide aligned to the Animal Welfare Act, and champion best practices in prevention, sheltering, and placement of companion animals

  • Focused on animal protection
  • Supporting Animal Welfare Act
  • Facility focused on ‘best practices for companion animal welfare & care
  • Safest environment for housing & placement of companion animals

Values: – Our core values are to provide awareness and fundraising to the community which include:

  • Treatment and care for all companion animals
  • Protection from and prevention of abuse and neglect for all companion animals
  • Promoting informed and responsible ownership of companion animals
  • Protecting public health and safety relating to companion animals
  • Promoting the continued health and safety of employees

Goals: – Our main goals are:

  • For 2016, we surpassed our goal to increase our lifesaving efforts by 60%.

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  • In 2017, Our goal is to assist the shelter continue increasing its lifesaving rates by 10% or more
  • Majorly, we want to achieve 100% lifesaving goal.
  • We want to spread awareness for the same in our community.
  • As well as, maximum fundraising by organising events.

Swot analysis


  • Reliable volunteers
  • Strong connection with the vendors
  • Pet care awareness campaign side by the event
  • Maximum security of event
  • Proper signage for event location, parking and overall mapping of event WEAKNESS
  • Limited flexibility in product pricing of the vendors
  • Young organisation
  • Limited budget for marketing and advertising of the event
  • Lack of social media presence
  • Lack of staff to implement the market plan


  • Use of internet to promote the awareness and event
  • People getting chance for adopting pets
  • Educate the public according to government rule or community ban the pet
  • Volunteer opportunity for upcoming fundraising event THREAT
  • Lack of support from local media and press
  • Weather uncertainty
  • Huge sum of fund collected might result in theft
  • Possibility of unreliable volunteers


Revenue estimated actual difference

  • Entry fees $ 8, 400.00 $ 9,000.00 $ (600.00)
  • Registration $ 15,000.00 $ 18,000.00 $ (3,000.00)
  • Sponsorship $ 5,200.00 $ 5,500.00 $ (300.00)
  • Donation $ 3,500.00
  • Total $ 28,600.00 $ 36,000.00 $ 10,211

Expenses estimated actual savings

  • Venue $ 700.00 $ 700.00
  • Volunteer stewardship $ 250.00 $ 189.75 $ 60.25
  • Audio video $ 800.00 $ 750.00 $ 50.00
  • Equipments $ 1,000.00 $ 800.00 $ 200.00
  • Refreshments $ 500.00 $ 451.25 $ 48.75
  • T-shirts $ 600.00 $ 530.00 $ 70.00
  • Promotions $ 300.00 $ 220.30 $ 79.70
  • Postage $ 150.00 $ 130.70 $ 19.30
  • Miscellaneous $ 300.00 $ 140.00 $ 160.00
  • Total $ 4600.00 $ 3,912.00 $ 688.00
  • Event proceeds $ 32,088.00

Critical path

The critical path is defined as the (time) longest possible path from start point to end point. Each event has a at least one critical path. Each critical path consists of the list of activities to which the event manager should focus the most, if he wants to ensure timely completion of the event. The start delay of task or to extend the duration will affect the final date of the event.

To give you an idea of the actions we included into our critical path, we are showing you some guidance or suggestion below:

Four months before the event

  • Pick a date
  • Agree your budget and write a basic budget breakdown to ensure that its realistic
  • Shortlist venue options and Visit potential venue options as well Choose your venue and pencil in a date
  • Write a basic timeline
  • Establish your creative theming or approach
  • Create a team around you that can help plan your event
  • Draft a marketing plan

Two months before the event

  • Start a marketing and PR plan
  • Research suitable vendors and sponsors
  • Refine the budget breakdown
  • Design the floor plan (layout)
  • Apply for any required permits
  • Order the volunteer T- Shirts

Six weeks before the Event

  • Confirm all suppliers, sponsors and vendors
  • Write the health and safety
  • Refine the budget, always checking that you dont overspend
  • Write staff and volunteers details of roles and responsibilities
  • Combine a signage list for things such as toilets, cloakrooms etc.
  • Brief the security firm

Two weeks before the event

  • Distribute the final production schedule to all suppliers
  • Complete the requirement of volunteer and staff
  • Make sure about volunteer T-shirts

Seven days before the event

  • Cross-check that all advance deliveries have arrived
  • Refine the budget
  • Ensure you have petty cash available for on-the-day last-minute purchases
  • Phone all suppliers to confirm arrangements

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