Evidence-Based Practices in the Field of Nursing

Evidence based practice (EBPs) is an integrated and systematic approach to clinical process that was started in the year 1992 and it’s quickly gaining popularity in the current world of medicine. Being that the EBP started in medicine it is now acknowledged in other fields, for example, the field of speech-language pathology, child life specialty, social work, information science, audiology, dentistry as well as education (Pearson, Alan 1997). It is equally important to understand the EBP is purely based on three elemental principles.

The first principle is; provide the best research evidence or clues that determine why or whether certain medication works, clinical operatives should quickly identify the different unique situations in different patients for diagnosis and treatment, as well as patients values and preferences (Barnett, Ross 2015).

It is paramount to evaluate clinical data as this assures that nurses provide patients with the best available care. With the current approach and inventions in technology, nurses can easily log in the national data base and accumulate more than 330 treatment as well as prevention of substance use and mental disorders.

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The data source is known as the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices (NREPP). This data base is helpful with agencies and organizations (Ellis, Rebecca 2015). It is important to note that a culture in the student organization or the education levels can hinder the adaptation of the evidence based practices in numerous medical institutions. In a research done on the use of EBPs, it was proven that highly trained medical practitioner for instance in the doctoral level preferred using a manual-based treatment as opposed to the evidence based practices.

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Notably, in the public health centers, the majority of practitioners here do not hold a doctrine and the attitude of these practitioners have been well evaluated. The major barrier facing the total adoption of the Evidence-Based Practices in major medical institutions is an attitude of ignorance. In order to deal with such a situation the professors in universities, colleges and any institution that provides medical studies ought to make their student highly understand the good and perfect nature that comes with the EBPs in the field of medicine (Roberts, Caroline 2008).

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