Evidence-Based Policing Fighting Crime

The police work of fighting crime is not on easy tack and requires many strategies, techniques and skills. To find the way to a certain problem police use their evidences to conduct a research to try to solve it. By experimenting their ideas they can find out if the curtain approach to the problem does work or doesn’t. The one of the advantages of evidence-based policing is that it design to help fight crime. Evidence-based policing is design to find the best available solution to the problem and give other police officers in other reagents the information on how to deal with that problem.

It creates certain rules and guidelines for the low enforcement agencies. There are defiantly some disadvantages to the evidence-based policing. One of them is usage of opinions, because evidence-based policing is strictly based on evidence it takes away importance of people involvement.

If people can not express their opinion they lose interest and involvement. Another two disadvantages of evidence-based policing in mi opinion that police experiments are expensive and might take a long time to conduct.

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One of the examples that I was able to find on line is called The Flint Experiment. That experiment was conducted in 1977 and the goal of that experiment according to the National Center for Community Policing was to decrease the amounts of criminal activities and to increase the citizen’s perception of personal safety. The process of that experiment consisted of police officers patrolling the streets and not only fighting crime but also involving themselves in a community programs.

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That act of involvement in the community has resulted in decrease of the crime rates by 8.7 percent.

Another result of Evidence-Based Policing

That experiment is that citizens has started to handling minor problems by themselves which resolved in less calls of the citizens to the police. That allowed police to concentrate on more major problems. The second experiment that I found is called Kansas City Gun Experiment. The goal of that experiment was to reduce crime by seizures of illegal guns. The result of the experiment has shown according to US Department of Justice crime in those areas was reduced by 69 percent which shows the effectiveness of the experiment.


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Evidence-Based Policing Fighting Crime

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