Everything Changes

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My existence started the day I was born. The day a new angel sent from above live the outside world. And day by day, life is changing and I’m growing up. After years had passed, I realized that only change is constant in this world. Because It seems so normal at all, but as I looked back, I realized, I’ve gone so far. Now, I’m a teenager, and life’s too different compared to childhood years. Childhood years were the time we were learning and copying insights from our parents, neighboors and schools, however it is also considered, to be the most enjoyable time in one’s lifespan.

Childhood gives me freedom of doing what I want to do, to buy and to have. It gives me fulfillment on my daily routines and it makes me move outside of my shell. Being a teenager on the other hand, is a critical period of one’s life. During this time we, individuals try to adjust and adapt to our new environment.

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It’s because we experience changes in all aspects of our life . It is also noted that at this time of life we will automatically admire to our opposite sex.

Being a teenager is quite fun but you need to be more responsible enough and learn to be independent for your own good. Teenage life is quite challenging compared to childhood life. This time, you already know what’s right from wrong. You’ll also need time management on your daily activities and you’ll be able to experience difficulties in life.

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While when I was a child, I play as much as I want, no one’s going to scold me every time I made mistakes and my parents spoils me a lot.

A teenager chooses someone to be with while children’s don’t mind who they get along and company them, as long as they will enjoy to the fullest like the feeling on a cloud 9. On the other hand, being child is boring sometimes, not because we keep on repeating what we do, but because life is too dragging staying at home for security reasons. But even though how opposite our life way back 1990’s, we still find time to stand up and never give-up at the cruelty of life.

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Everything Changes
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