Everyones day starts in the morning Essay

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Everyones day starts in the morning

Everyone’s day starts in the morning and ends in the evening or night. It is very important to know when a person usually wakes up, eats or sleeps at night because these all activities affect the person’s biological clock. If a person is not following his/her daily routine, it can put the person in trouble. For example, if a baby is not sleeping when he/she is supposed to, she can have really badly next day. Not following a daily schedule can disrupt the sensations of your brain. There are two significant differences between working in the morning and in the evening, such as, changes of mood and behavior and changes in diet.

The first difference of working in the morning and evening is the changes in person’s mood and behavior. Unlike evening workers, morning workers are more energetic and fresh-minded. Morning workers work more efficiently than evening workers because they have gotten enough sleep at night, so their body has recharged for the next morning. Moreover, working at sunrise helps the humans’ body to be productive. However, evening workers sometimes become lazy to do their job properly. Sometimes, they can’t focus on what they are doing because of irregular sleeping hours. Moreover, not having regular hours of sleep can cause a person to become depressed and mentally unstable.

The second difference is the changes in person’s diet. Unlike the evening workers, morning workers usually have their breakfast before they start working. Then, they usually get hungry at noon because they have already burned the energy which they gathered from breakfast. So, that’s how their diets are regular. On the contrary, evening workers have time just to do their lunch. For instance, if a person is working from 7 pm to 6 am, he/she will sleep right after his/her working shift. Then, after waking up at noon, they get hungry and eat lunch. So, that’s how not having a breakfast or dinner will disrupt their diet. Disrupting a workers’ diet can cause them many unintended consequences.

In conclusion, it is really difficult to change a person’s biological clock. There are many negative results of working in the evening. In addition, irregular working schedule make the day-to-day activities tougher to complete. A person can’t get enough time to do his/her day-to-day activities. However, morning workers have the best productivity to do their job. Getting enough sleep at night and working at sunrise are two factors that give energy to morning workers. Changes in a person’s mood and behavior and changes in a person’s diet are two major differences of working in the morning and evening.

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