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Everyone should get enough sleep Essay

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Everyone should have enough sleep, but if a man does not have enough rest, his attitude will be affected. Therefore, having enough sleep is very important. There have been examples which show that sleep deprivation is not a positive action for mankind. Sleep deprivation has three effects which could result in negative consequences. One negative effect of sleep deprivation is ramifications on human health. During sleep, the human body recovers its energy and well-being both physically and mentally. It strengthens the immune system, regenerates the metabolism, and expels toxins.

Therefore, If a person does not have sufficient sleep, their body will slowly decline. Individuals who get angered more easily generally have a shorter life span than more happy people. Moreover, being angry will not help resolve problems. Conversely, it will exacerbate the problems. For example, an employee at work who is angry as a result of sleep deprivation wants to do his work faultlessly; however, he cannot because he did not have enough sleep the night before.

Therefore, he disrupted his work and his mood. Furthermore, individuals need sufficient sleep to maintain a healthy disposition. One of the worst effects of sleep deprivation is the effect it has on others.

If a person does not sleep well, he may negatively affect his family, colleagues, and friends. For example, my classmate came to class this morning to finish up our assignment, but our work which we had done was ruined by his mistakes because he was too sleepy to think clearly. Therefore, for many reasons this student should have slept well to meet his responsibilities to other students. Getting enough sleep was just the method he could have used. Thus, sleep deprivation May influence a person to affect other individuals. In conclusion, sleep deprivation has many negative effects on other lives. Human’s health, reputation, and emotions are the three variables which are influenced by lack of sleep. Therefore sufficient sleep is vital. In order to prevent the effects on sleep deprivation. I suggest that everyone should make a plan to improve their sleeping hours in their lives. In addition, individuals need about eight hours of sleep every night in order to be healthy and awake at work.

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