Everyone Is Equally Dependent

The statement “All men are equal” is found in The Declaration of Independence. Do they refer to only men by their statement or other people? Is their statement meaning that women in various societies were created in a different way? It can be assumed that the founding fathers were trying to refer to humanity as men. But this statement does not hold. Better services when it comes to everything can be associated with wealth. Those who are wealthy can get access to better services compared to those who are not wealthy.

The belief that each and every person is created equal is fundamentally flawed. The statement that everyone is not created equal with regards to the ability to achieve success. Each person can play a big role when it comes to attaining the success they desire. On the other hand, every person has a unique set of challenges. These challenges inhibit individuals from attaining their success. People are meant to share their strength with those who are close to them so as to resolve the challenges they come across together.

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The United States turns out to be the most powerful country in the world. But the irony is that the country spends very less when it comes to helping it people, especially the poor. This is compared to other Western nations. A large number of people tell themselves, ‘Why should I get help?’ this is based on the argument that they turned out fine. This belief is not true because if turned out fine they received help along the way from other people, such as teachers or friends.

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Not every person is very lucky to grow in an environment that is nurturing.

If a child is born disabled or grows up in a home that is abusive, they do not have an equal chance of success compared to a child who is brought up in high-income, loving, and healthy family that resides in a neighborhood that is nice. A child who is brought up in a family with a lot of problems is likely to start school 1.5 years behind other learners who are brought up in a better family. This means they will be three years behind other learners in third grade. This child will not have the ability to catch up with other students, especially their peers. This will affect the rest of their lives. Giving a helping hand to individuals who were born with some problems can help the world a good place for everyone.

People have different opinions and views, and each and every person is free to express his or her views as they wish. The right to speech is a principle that prevails in the United States. If one goes to other countries, it is clear that people in other countries do not possess the same freedom such as that of the United States.

There are other individuals who are born with innate talent. Innate talent may refer to something, such as athletic prowess to artistic gift. There are people who are born with certain talents, but the pressure they have from others make them do something else that is different compared to what the talent they have. Apart from talent, there is an inequality that can be seen in people when it comes to intelligent. There are those who think or have the belief that the brain is the key to success. There a good number of people who are brilliant and poor, but not rich. Its always argued that being smart has nothing to do with it. The brain gives people the edge, but it is not the x-factor when it comes to success. Dr. Ben Carson, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Oprah Winfrey are not prodigies. What becomes very important is the willingness to continue learning together while seeking knowledge. Those who are not intelligent have a chance of learning how to start something and become a success in it just the same way as those who are intelligent.

There are those who are born with better opportunities with regards to pursuing their dreams. Irrespective of their brains or talent, these individuals have a better chance to succeed compared to those who are born with little opportunities. Born with better opportunities gives one an upper hand when it comes to having access to a wide range of resources. A good term that can be used with regards with those who have better opportunities is a silver spoon. But silvers spoon does not mean there is happiness. It also does not mean prosperity is assured. They have to make use of the resources that are at their disposal to make things work. Better opportunities also make the drive to success to be very easy to certain individuals compared to others. These individuals have the ability to succeed easily.

The question is if in indeed equality as a guarantee. All people are human, and this means that everyone is equally dependent. The Declaration of Independence equally insures each and every person, and everyone is at will to pursue happiness. Nonetheless, it is not guaranteed that every person develops the similar ability, attains similar opportunities, have the similar desires, or share the same experiences. The U.S. government, for instance, can create colleges ascertaining that all people have the equal chance with regards to attending; it cannot, however, assure your disposition, or personal situations. The Federal Drug Agency (FDA) can reduce drugs sold; assure a certain degree of quality albeit it cannot assure that each and every person in the United States will make use of a drug in a way that is the same. It is very tough for the government of the United States to ensure equality prevails in all aspects. There must be situation where others benefit compared to others.

The inherent belief that everyone is made equal and that all have the equal opportunity to succeed in life is profoundly inconsistent. The truth of life is that every person is not created equal in our capability to accomplish success. Each has a distinct set of fortes, which can assist in attaining the victory they yearn for in life. On the other hand, every individual as well has their particular set of experiences that deter them from attaining such achievement. The essence is to share our fortes with those we live with and solve the trials we face as one.

The United States is a nation that exhibits a lot of political clout and influence in the world, albeit it devotes relatively less on assisting the less fortunate nations than most other occidental nations. Nonetheless, in life, not everyone is fortunate enough to be nurtured in such an environment. If a child is born physically handicapped or matures up in an abusive, underprivileged, or lawless upbringing, they consequently will not exhibit same characteristics and accomplishment as a child born well, to a wealthy, loving family that stays in a pleasant community. These are the actualities of life. In this particular instance, most kids will at no time be capable of matching up with this difference will consequently touch the rest of their lives. We all have diverse views, and attitudes about life and every person have the freedom to express these opinions as they want. In the United States, freedom of expression is one of the linchpins to freedoms the citizens enjoy today.

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