Everglades national park

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National Park stretches over 1. illion acres and is the largest wilderness in the Southeast. Wetlands and swamps cover half of the land which contains 10,000 islands! The Everglades, called the “River of Grass” because the area is largely a river sometimes 60 miles wide, is not a marsh or swamp. In the past hundred years, people have been digging canals and building dams in the Everglades so they could take water out of it. They built so many canals and drained so much water that the natural flow is interrupted.

Acadia National Park Acadia National Park was established in 1919 by President Wilson, originally called as

Lafayette National Park. Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert and covers half of the island. This park is the first park east of the Mississippi river. 120 miles in Acadia National Park are hiking and biking trails, fishing, rock climbing, and boating. The highest mountain in it is the Cadillac Mountain and the shortest is the Flying Mountain.

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Jordan’s Pond is the deepest lake at 150 feet deep. Acadia National Park is the tenth most visited National Park. A National Park is a park the government takes up the responsibility of. National Parks are built to preserve land and educate people on nature.

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