Events from the Book "1984" Compared to Today

Facebook, one of the most popular apps in the world but also one of the most mentally desructive things to have ever been created for the later generations and some younger ones also. Once called the ‘platfrom for fake news’ it has dicated the way we view many of our political preferences and many other topics that we consider important and the app is run by one man, sounds familiar. America is becoming a replica of 1984 for many reasons. Firstly we have the government tracking our phoe calls, wherever you go you are being watched by cameras.

And as we speak there are people that follow what we are interested in and what we commonly talk about on the phone and then the government tries to advertise it to us.

We live in an era where we have the government tracking most of our phone calls without our consent which has brought up any privacy related law suits and many people starting to wonder what our government considers ethical and not ethical.

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534 million thats how many phone calls, texts and voicemails the NSA tracked back in 2016 and the numbers are going to continue to rise. Our phones are something that many of us wouls consider a personal thing and every year something that we would like to stay personal becomes just a little less personal. And if we don’t do anything to stop them while we are ahead it won’t be the only thing in our life that is recorded and kept.

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There is an estimated 30 millions surveillance cameras now deployed in the U,S Shooting 4 billion hours of fottage a week. We as Americans are being watched, all of us almost everythwere. The governemnt is continuously watchinf our every move and maybe they aren’t interfering directly with our lives but they are still watching. Which is similar to what was happening in 1984 and also makes me wonder who are the videos falling into the hands of.

Facebook workers routinely suppresed news stories of interest to conservative readers from the social networks influential ‘trending’ news section. So by the government taking one thing that over half the population is included in and controlling what information to take in, on what i would consider very impoartant they are shutting out all of the other sources that we might have read and looked into which is altering how we look at certain things that affect oue everyday life.

Nevertheless they are still not legally allowed to do these things and most of them are facing the conequences sooner or later while in 1984 all of these things that they are doing no one is stopping them and these things are all considered legal. Although it isn’t right it is still allowed and put up with. Contrast to what is happening in America with our second amendment people don’t believe that that right should be taken away so we as a country so we are using our freedom of speech which is something that 1984 people don’t have.

Although we may not be exactlt in the same situation as the citizens in the book 1984 we are starting to becoeing very close to them and i do that that even though the situations are very small if we don’t stop while we are ahead it will become something very big. And we as a country need to wake up and realize that we need to speak up when our rights are not being used properly.

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