Events at Mattara festival Essay

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Events at Mattara festival

We usually celebrate gatherings, festivals and the likes of events to unwind. To break from a very stressful schedule that consumes our energy. One of the festivals in Newcastle Australia is the Mattara festival that shows the lovely smiles and colorful creation of art. Mattara’s celebration showcases the talents and energy of participants and guest. The many events and categories of the festival show the unending happiness the people of Newcastle were experiencing. The difference in many festivals with Mattara is that Mattara festival not just celebrates one event but celebrates the entire community.

It’s celebrating the most spectacular festival in Newcastle. The main purpose of this feasibility study is to find out what will be the next celebration of Mattara looks like? For the past years what are the developments of Mattara Festival and how will this event be of big help to the promotion of the culture, country and place Australia. If it will be a big success for the coming celebration how will it affect tourism and economic growth of the country? Method of Study: This research was conducted by doing some research available online, history study and some desk research.

Body: As we started making a plan with our festival, we are aiming to make a name in celebration for giving the best experience anyone could feel. And be able to reach out on those local audience and international audience for the success of the festival. We are looking forward for development of Mattara Festival celebration in the coming years. Event context: The celebration of Mattara will take place in Newcastle particularly in the following venues: St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Laman St.

for Mattara Sculpture Competition, at Newcastle Region Library for Poster Competition, Civic Park, Newcastle Outdoor Art Competition and NSW Rural Fire Service, Newcastle Athletic Field, Smith St. , Newcastle for Sprint Classic and all Schools Athletic Carnival and at Concert in City Hall for Multifaith Concert. The Host: Newcastle City Council was the main host of the said big event. They are the one organizing the said event together with committees on each category. Host community is the local citizens of Newcastle.

Government sectors such as the City Government are the one who actively promotes and give service to the community. The government agencies and departments are also involved in the delivery of services. People involved: The Mattara festival begin in the year 1961 were 90 people, representing 40 organizations from different horticultural, religious, cultural and sporting organization meet in a meeting organized by Newcastle City Council. The meeting was all about developing the concept for the greatest festival in Newcastle which is now called the Mattara Festival.

By history, 15 thousand people attended the opening of the said festival. A line of around 40, 000 people, recorded that have watch the first Mattara spectacle. In celebrating the Mattara festival the local of Newcastle were actively participating in the said event with key attractions such as outdoor art exhibit, mattara street parade, face painting, pet parade, carnivals and a lot more of activities that will surely make your celebration as wonderful as you wanted it to be. Mattara festival will be celebrated on Oct. 4-6 this year. It’s a two-day celebration of pure fun and entertainment, feast of colors and cultural diversity.

Competitions and presentation are the highlights of the festival in the past years that creates camaraderie among competitors and people involved in the celebration. Event Stakeholders: Designs were created by local and festival coordinators to give significance to every celebration. Locals are the ones who prepare for the coming of the festival seeing that it would be great so that the visitors will be satisfied in celebrating with them to come back in the next celebration of Mattara. Local Community also helps in making the celebration possible with private sectors and institutions. Sponsors:

Number of sponsors such as the local government never hesitates to help us financially to be able to celebrate it with such fun. This sponsor helps in getting funds for the celebration. Local council provided the amount of $5, 000. 00 Australian dollars to help on funding the said event. Media: The City of Newcastle, Newcastle Herald, NBN Television. KO. FM and are the major sponsors of Mattara Festival that really feature and advertise the said event. Word of mouth advertisement is the most effective way of promoting the said event. It has been the cheapest way of advertising and promoting.

It is also reliable because of the things that being said were coming from your circle of friends and relatives. Participants and Spectators: The numerous visitors who travelled from other cities and countries just to experience the Mattara festival give the town a feeling of satisfaction and pride. Shows camaraderie among participants who showcases their talents and creativity in doing the presentation. Your eyes cannot complain but be amazed of the colors around us. Upon seeing the lovely things and how they are presented makes your feelings light.

The celebration also gives opportunity to our locals to showcase other beautiful things in town. Showcase our culture, the way we live, the way we accept visitors and the way we welcome them. Mattara as what it connotes the hand of every person who is ready to help, willing to pull up when you’re down and give a hand when you’re in trouble. Upon celebrating the festival locals and visitors keep on coming and visiting again to see and experience the wonder it gives to us. Tourism has been a major factor in advertising the place and celebration.

Celebration of Mattara Festival is also open to all talented and artistic individuals to get involved with the festival by joining contest. For the past year, the conjunction of Newcastle City Council, Mattara Committee and YNOT workshops were held at Honeysuckle Sheds. So we can really say that the preparation is very important in making the festival a success. Competitions: A highlight of Mattara Festival is the Outdoor Art Prize and exhibition showcasing the artworks of local artist showing the richness and diversity of people and skills of people from Newcastle and Hunter Region.

Outdoor Art Competition and Exhibition has long since establishing the good relationship in the community of Newcastle. The two day celebration was filled with days in Civic Park giving free concerts, cultural shows and expositions and many grand activities. For this year, they are changing the Mattara Festival Outdoor Art Competition into Mattara’s Longest Running Community Art Event. The Mattara Organizing Committee is still inviting those interested individual to share their talents and skills by joining the festival and entering the Outdoor Art Prize and Exhibition.

Interested parties just go straight to Civic Park. Another thing, addition to numerous Mattara Arts Programs is the Sculpture Exhibition showcasing works from Hunter Artist. The indoor art contest was organized by the society of artist who actively inputs all energy in the said event. Developing the Event Concept: The 5 W’s were very clear in this feasibility study. What? Mattara Festival Celebration When? It will be celebrated this coming Oct. 4-6, 2008. Where? Newcastle, Australia and specific venues stated above for every event.

Who? The Mattara festival was celebrated by localities and people of Australia. They are the one who created the big event and concerned with the organization together with the local government council. Why? Mattara Festival is being celebrated to establish a good camaraderie among the towns and cities of Australia. They’re also open to other countries for involvement in the said occasion. In conncetion with this, Mattara has been the very highlight of festival in Newcastle Australia. Evaluation of the Event Concept: Market Situation:

Market Situation in Australia specifically in Newcastle has been blooming, but adding up such celebration were more likely to be come a news that can attract tourists and visitors. The more tourist attractions we have the more visitors were coming in that will absolutely advertise the place Australia and its culture. It will be a good business opportunity for our local citizens and a good opportunity in knowing people in Australia more. Event Situation: Mattara Festival has been celebrated long since 1961. Every year it has been developed and event given grandest celebration that families and visitors will surely enjoy pure entertainment.

The celebration will also showcase the talents and significant community development in the event day. Opportunities and Threats: Opportunities for business undertaking and financial funding s very visible in this type of celebration but threats on safety and avoiding chaos due to large number of people involved is also there. Actions and effective planning is really needed in order to make this celebration a success. The opportunity for tourism development in Australia is a big benefactor of the festival. Conclusion:

Upon celebrating any festival the main purpose is to establish a very good communication within the community. Provided all the necessary preparation any event would be successful with the help and participation of the people concerns. The success of the festival doesn’t just rely on the coordinator or committee’s but also to the participants doing their very best in providing good entertainment to the people. Visitors come and go but those visitors who are satisfied and happy with the experience they felt will help the organization advertize the event for the coming years.

In organizing Mattara Festival it really takes along preparation and planning for it caters not just one or two categories but lots of events that have different committees and organizers. I can say that Mattara Festival has been successful for the past years because of the development they are doing every year. The process of organizing and planning will take most of your effort and will drain your mind but after experiencing and enjoying the fruits of your labor you will surely say that I will do it again next year. The hand and mind are the mostly used part of our selves that gives the benefits of a successful celebration.

It shows how useful our hands where the word Mattara that came from. Lastly, Mattara Festival still doesn’t stop giving us excitement and surprises. The more we see to it, the more excited we get. To conclude, possible resources to run a festival and assessment to it are available. What we need to do it to create a very good planning of events that will show us relatively the comparison of the past year celebration and will end up celebrating same event for the coming years with same grandeur but cost significantly less than what we spend before.

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