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Event Organiser Essay

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His duties as a project planning and operations manager include development, implementation and maintenance of a detailed plan and posting schedules based on input from team members. He is also responsible for ensuring that assigned projects reach the market on time and driving the completion of project related assignments in accordance with a detailed implementation plan. Event Organiser(Team Leader) Event organisers are involved in the organisation of events. Event organisers must be able to complete a wide range of activities requiring clear communication and excellent organisational skills and must respond quickly to change, ensuring the smooth and efficient running of an event.

Assistant Event Organiser

An assistant event organiser does almost everything an event organiser’s team leader does but he is only there to help him with all the heavy tasks that have been given to him. He supports the Manager and team leader when organising all of the events held at the venue. This role includes reception duties, event organising, research and assisting customers on a daily basis.

 Promotions Team Leader His job is to lead a face to face sales team that generates financial support. He plays a direct role with the event organiser. His main job is to make people aware of the events that are to take place and get them interested to take part in it. He forms teams that will go on the street and send out flyers, pamphlets etc. Makes the media aware of the events.

Promotions Helper He does the job that involves meeting the people face to face and handing them out information such as surveys, events which are to come, asking for donations and charity funds to help their organisation which is made for the people itself. He follows the team leader and reaches his goal. Clerical Helper(for Project Planning & Operations) This individual will provide administrative support to the manager and the promotions team leader. He does this by creating collateral materials for advertising, sales, press releases, and promotions, managing the purchasing and distribution of office supplies, apparel, and other products, providing general clerical and administrative support and performing other duties as assigned.

Organisational chart for the Green team that incorporates the various roles that have been specified in the previous task. Job Advertisement for an “EVENT ORGANISER” in a Green Team. Job Title: Position for an Event Organiser/Planner Location: Oxford House College – Oxford Street Job Type: Full Time/Part Time/Voluntary Salary Range: 25000 – 30000 plus Bonus & Incentives Organization Description Oxford House College is a Green team that specialises in helping spread awareness about the depletion of our natural resources and help people reduce their carbon emissions, helping people to reduce their wastage and show them different methods where they can be more environmentally friendly. To reach our goals we need exceptional people who are ready to help us and will be rewarded for their efforts while having fun at the same time.Selling sponsorship, stand, exhibition space to potential exhibitors/partners

Arranging accommodation for exhibitors and/or delegates Preparing delegate packs and papers Creating, implementing and monitoring marketing and PR plans Liaising with clients and designers to create a brand/look for the event Co-ordinating with newspapers, tv, radio and other media Writing press releases or briefs in order to gain maximum exposure for the event Organising the design and production of tickets, posters, catalogues and sales brochures Co-ordinating everything on the day of the event to ensure that all runs smoothly Handling client queries on the day and troubleshooting exhibitor and visitor problems on the day Overseeing the dismantling and removal of the event, and clearing the venue efficiently.

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