Event Essay Topics

What the Writer Thought of the Event

What the event symbolized for America was explicitly stated in the editorial — Woodstock was the kind of success that could be achieved when there is benevolence among people. Everyone saw a disaster out of Woodstock in the beginning. People predicted it would end out a havoc. Even hip radio stations warned people against it…. View Article

A Cultural Event I Ever Witnessed

Kenyatta University is known beyond African continent for its annual culture week, an event during which activities that reflect diverse African culture are performed. The much awaited cultural week is characterized by songs, drama, poems, drama among other topical activities. I was privileged to attend the cultural week organized during the month of September, 2007… View Article

A Critical Analsysis Cultural Event

School shootings has been a popularized term in both the United States and Canada for describing gun violence at educational institutions around the country. This especially applies to mass killings or shooting sprees perpetuated by the students or members of the faculty. School shootings are differentiated from acts of terrorism in that they are usually… View Article

Festival and Event

T in the Park is a music event which takes place every year which is usually held on the second week of July. This event is growing more and more popular as the year’s go on and as soon as the tickets are available it is almost an instant sell-out. This music event was first… View Article