Even though the movie Spiderman Far From Home achieved in almost

Even though the movie, Spiderman Far From Home, achieved in almost every aspect possible, it did contain some downfalls too. In this section, I will explain the characteristics that made the film both good and bad. The first characteristic that I enjoyed throughout the whole film was the random transitioning between hilarious moments and sincere moments. For example, when Peter takes M.J for a walk outside, Peter starts a conversation attempting to confess his feelings about her and is quickly interrupted by M.

J.’s funny comments. The creators of this movie skillfully used this technique throughout the film. Peter and M.J.’s performances are also one of the main reasons I liked this movie so much. Not only are the actors talented, but the roles they played brought more feeling to the movie. Yes, the relationship between them does prevent Peter from focusing on his Spiderman job, but it also brings comedy to the movie and helps Peter deal with Ironman’s death.

Another factor that played a big role in making this movie special was the appearance of Mysterio on television. For many years, people have read about Mysterio in the Marvel Comics, but never once has he appeared in the MCU. In my opinion, Jake Gyllenhaal did a great job acting as the supervillain, Mysterio, in Spiderman Far From Home. As mentioned earlier, the film, Spiderman Far From Home, is really good for multiple reasons. However, I feel that this film was not as thrilling as other movies Spiderman has appeared in.

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For example, when Spiderman Far From Home is compared to Infinity War, you can notice the major difference with the level of action. Another major factor that affected the film was the speed at which it played. In my opinion, it took a long time for the movie to get going. The opening of the film lasted for the whole first half, and it wasn’t until the second half that the action started to pop up. Despite the lack of action in the first half, the second half wraps up the film with more action than the normal Marvel movie. The major parts which contained tons of action in the second half include the battle against the elemental made of fire, the projections Mysterio used to trap Peter, and when Peter saved his friends from Mysterio. The idea that Spiderman becomes the new Ironman was one of my main dislikes of this film. I like the idea that Spiderman wants to live up to Ironman’s expectations, but becoming him is a different thing. By the time the movie ends, Spiderman has literally become ironman. First, Spiderman gets Tony Stark’s futuristic glasses, and then he designs his technological advanced suit. As if it wasn’t enough, the villain, Mysterio, was even created because of Tony Stark’s actions.

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