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Eve Sedgwick

Eve Sedgwick has tried to explore the new facets of literary citicism i. e. gay studies. For this purpose, she devises a theory that is a balance mix of literary and textual criticism. She does not base her theory on any theoritical grounds or on any abstract ideas but takes into account the famous works of Billy Budd and Picture of Dorian Gray to extract the basic tenets of her theory.

She is of the view that these are texcts that “have set the terms of a modern homosexual identity”. (p.746) She further postulates that the “strategy of a new canon operate in the space” (p. 746) at the same time and at an equal level i. e. not only both texts narrates the same thematic expressions (homosexuality) but they appear at the same time. She further takes into consideration the process of the establishment of these new literary phenomenon ans says that this new canon making is against conformity to the old phenonmenon in literary history as this process is neither master derived from master canon nor it is produced through “postfractural plularity of canons” (p.

746) but it’s a result of an interface between these two. And this is made possible through “active realtions of thought” (p. 747) She further questions whether prevalence of a conducive environment and literary account is a necessity for the production of such text or is it independent of that? This enables her to raise certain questions that whe wants to be answered by some literary giants. But at the end of the essay we are unable to find the answer to this problem.

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