Evangelism and Business Essay

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Evangelism and Business

A business is bounded with many obstacles just like experienced in act of making disciples. The commission of Jesus to the Christians to go make the disciples of all nations is like an entrepreneur who dares to venture into a new business. God is like a cook when it comes to making of disciples. The world is God’s kitchen where He does the preparation. This task comes with a lot of risks and challenges such as opposition, persecution and rejection. To begin with, just like in the task of making the disciples, a business venture experiences tough times; time of slow growth or even close down.

The times when the church experienced persecution compares to the time when a business is experiencing heavy loses. If the loses become so big the business owner would even think of closing down. Just like the persecution that was experienced by the church in the early years of Christianity that seemed as though they were aimed at completely facing out the church. Endurance is expected during all these tough times. As the bible puts it “fix our eyes on Jesus” and “run with endurance the race that is set before us” (Hebrews 12: 1-2), it therefore requires a business owner to hold on despite the tough times.

A business owner needs the motivation to help him/her move on. This can be derived from teachings of Paul to the Philippines saying, “[We] can do all things through Christ who strengthens [us]. (Phil 4:13). Times of smooth and flawless growth always come despite all odds. In business, this is the time when one experiences no hitches. Its time when one reaps good profits from his ventures and all goes well; the business expands and returns are high. This compares to the time when the church experiences no obstacles and is growing like the raging fire.

These are times when evangelism does not seem challenging and men are fired up, ready to go to any corner of the world to spread the gospel to everyone (acts 21:8). Just like the way a business owner delights in the achievements growth, God too delights when one earnestly spreads His messages in evangelism. Jesus puts it to the disciples that He delights and rejoices with them in their pursuit for his word (Philippians 12:17-18).

Reference Holy Bible, New International Version, (1984). International Bible Society

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