Evaluation plan

We also have an individual hospital paper that comes out monthly that is totally dedicated to our facility. Whenever we want, we can get anything added to the publication. These are offered throughout the hospital and across post. And in addition, we also have special mailing list for our retiree population. And of course, we always have to come back to our customer service goals in the laboratory. We always try to ensure that our patients know our goals of all patients being seen within 15 minutes.

One of our main patient complaints is the wait time. If we train them they will know our goal is 15 minutes and they are seen within that time, our patient complaints will decrease. They understand that we are meeting our goals. By keeping them informed, we can decrease their dissatisfaction rates. Our motto ‘care with compassion’ will be internalized in all our employees. Our quality of care is also something that usually isn’t questioned.

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Everyone knows that we always meet the standards of the Joint Commission and of the College of American Pathologist’s, so quality is expected. We also have patient satisfaction goals posted in our waiting and phlebotomy areas, so they know what to expect. All in all, it provides clear goals to our patients that we are trying to meet and exceed on a daily basis. Our evaluation plan that we are going to use is strictly based on customer surveys. We offer these in numerous formats.

Initially, we offer a patient survey for all our patients when they complete our services inside the clinic.

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We will begin asking them in our surveys if they knew about our earlier hours and if so, how did they find out. If we discover an area that doesn’t ever seem to be representative of our new hours, we will provide a further education plan for that area. We will also use the web to check on the people’s opinion about us. In conclusion, we discovered that we really need to focus on offering the hours that our patients need.

We had to decrease our hours earlier this year due to staffing issues to support troop deployments, but we now have additional civilian staff to support the earlier hours again. Now, the important thing for us to do is ensure that we market our new earlier hours to our patients to ensure that they know about them. We also want to ensure that they understand that we are doing this to help suit their needs. Our patients are our livelihood, so we need to make sure they understand that we care and are ready to go the extra mile to satisfy them.

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