Evaluation on Spare the Rod Spoil the Parenting Essay

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Evaluation on Spare the Rod Spoil the Parenting

In this article “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Parenting”, written by Leonard Pitts, Jr. is based upon what is considered corporal punishment; what’s right and what’s gone too far. Leonard expresses the idea that without punishment towards children, they can develop into untamable brats. Using his humorous sarcasm and entertaining message he gets the point across that child rearing is ok and not abuse. Showing uniformed parents/adults that rearing does keep the little ones in line making them learn and respect the adult; rather than their idea of it scarring the kids for life.

With Pitt’s article I had found that it was to approach the unknowing; the people without children. It was appropriate in the manner that Pitt’s had showed that this punishment wasn’t as horrible as some people take it to be. Obviously the writing style was in subjective tone, subject meaning opinion; to make it clear how Pitt’s had felt on the topic of spanking children whether or not it be abusive. The tone was at times confusing, he would jump every once and a while off topic then jump back to the topic he was originally.

The tone also made it opinionated, stating how the author had felt on “corporal punishment”. I believe the article good enough to fit into a magazine article with tone stating how Pitt’s had felt about punishment, showed the readers a well rounded article based upon his humorous feelings. Pitt’s evidence was weak, there weren’t many facts or statistic in the article; but then again you can’t really show much information on a topic such as corporal punishment.

At one point he put in “Time/CNN poll” relating towards children becoming spoiled and information on a psychologist studying homes finding that most homes use some sort of corporal punishment, other than that, the article is based upon a opinionated theme. Since Pitt’s doesn’t provide tons of evidence I find that the quality of the article still to be good, and the quantity of evidence just enough because the author also relates to the struggles he faces during the time periods of himself having to use corporal punishment and the reasoning behind him using it. The organization of Pitt’s article was put together nicely.

Throughout the whole article Pitt’s states that he believes corporal punishment is put to good us, not once does he go back and question it. The logic was there stating his idea from beginning to end, not changing the purpose of the article. Pitt’s does acknowledge and respond in his own manner to the article, but the way he responds is still through his own opinion; not caving into agreeing with the other point. Through the beginning of the authors paragraph he goes in with a bit of confidence showing this is an opinionated article telling us that Americas’ children have become spoiled.

When Pitt’s ends the article he finishes off in one sentence “Some folks think it’s abuse when you swat a child’s backside, But maybe, sometimes, it’s abuse when you don’t. ” . Every last sentence of every paragraph relates to the thesis, completing the main idea, showing Pitt’s purpose through the entire article. I believe Pitt’s writing style altogether worked out in the end. Pitt’s article showed readers his opinion without backing down, this confident article was successful in the sense he stuck to his guns and never questioned or contradicted himself.

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