Evaluation of Make-up Advertising Campaign

The whole group had equal input to the final piece and everyone contributed evenly to the planning, progress and production stages. Personally I was responsible for the make up sample cards, the neck strap that held the privilege card and the offers to do with our product, the packaging covers and the application form for the privilege card. Using Microsoft Word, I created the make up sample cards using our signature image and name and putting at the bottom what the make up on the card was to inform a customer of what products to buy for that specific look.

I made 3 copies of these cards and created 3 different looks using actual make up. On one of the cards, one of the products mentioned is “Throw Me a Vine” lip and cheek jewels which is the actual shade that is mentioned on the box I made covers for to look like our product. I made these covers on Word and formatted the size of the picture to the precise size of the box.

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The image on these covers were a segment of Kate Beckinsale’s face showing a close up of her blue eye, cheek and nose accompanied with the product name, the company name, the volume of liquid in the bottle, a brief description of what the product is and the French translation to the latter for a more professional feel that insinuates our product would be sold internationally not just in the UK. On the reverse equivalent to the cover, there is the same image, directions of how to use the product, the make up range name and where the product was made again hopefully giving a more professional look to the product with the detail I included.

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The cardboard cut out was, again, created on word and consisted of 3 images all 19. 69 by 11. 75cm. The images on each side were different as was the content. I used the focal image on one side along with when the make up would be launched in stores at a launch party to create a build up and anticipation from our audience. On one side, I used the image of the close up of her eye and an offer of free champagne and a sample product of choice to entice the audience and make them feel like the make up cares about each individual customer rather than just having the intentions of getting their money.

On the final side, I used the image of the close up of her eye and nose teamed with a statement saying they will get a free make over by an expert make up artist and free entry into a prize draw for a goodie bag of products. By using the statement, it is a guarantee that it will happen for each individual and makes the product more personal in turn making the customer feel good about themselves and hopefully leading to their interest in the product.

Each image was stuck together angularly to make a stand up triangular card board cut out. I sewed sequins along the neck strap to create a feminine and glamorous effect. The privilege card enable the card holder to special offers which I included such as money off, free products, competitions etc. The card itself has the main image and a signature strip on the reverse with terms and conditions of the card such as validity dates, all to make it look as much like an authentic card as possible.

The card is contained in a plastic wallet, again adding authenticity and is attached along with the offers and such to the neck strap. This gives it a “VIP Pass” look and feel along with the sequins which I want people to be reminded of classic Hollywood mirrors with the light bulbs around. As a group we researched how make up brands and perfumes advertised their products and how celebrity endorsements were used. I came up with idea of the make up sample cards when I visited MAC cosmetics in the city centre.

Around the edges of the shop, were seats where customers could get a free makeover and were then handed a card with a face on to which the make up artist would do the same make up on the face, as though it were a real face, so the customer would know what products and shades were used on them if they wanted to buy them. Our cards would be laid on the make up counter free for a customer to pick up and take if they like that certain look. The privilege card would have to be applied for but is free, reinforcing that VIP feel to it.

The application forms which I created using word would also be on the counter as would the cardboard stand. We looked at how certain brands advertised their products such as MAC, Urban Decay and Benefit who we would consider to be our rivals if the products were real as they have a similar targeted audience. The posters and teasers that feature celebrities for their products influenced how we made ours. Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are all celebrities who people aspire to be and so have endorsed many cosmetics that have sold world wide because of even just their face appearing next to a bottle of perfume.

Our product will be distributed in the likes of Boots stores and department stores such as Debenhams or John Lewis. They sell products by make up brands and who have celebrity endorsements. The products would be launched 24th May. We decided this as it is the beginning of summer and just like the weather, we wanted our product to be fresh and maybe a little flirty which is the mood in summer due to the trend of fashion that is around during summer.

There is a teaser card themed around the seasons, in which the same image is used 4 times but in a different colour to suggest the season so our product could be launched any time. Another idea is to have it launched in the winter when there would be a high demand due to Christmas gifts and party season to look glamorous. We chose the name “Glamour and Graffiti” as it sounds a bit edgy but still classy enough for people to want to by and be intrigue with as it is not two words u would normally associate with each other.

The dark hue of our main image suggests gothic chic and class and sophistication. However the blue introduces an air of hypnotic mystery and an element of fantasy to the product. The blue of her eye almost looks so tempting to touch but forbidden at the same time which connotes that the make up will make women that sort of attractive to people who see them wearing the make up. Originally we were going to use an old classic Hollywood star such as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe who are iconic figures and both very beautiful and classy women.

In the end we decide against that idea, as we felt we need a more contemporary figure head for our audience. We felt that if we used an old Hollywood figure we would be relying totally on that start to sell our product and it would seem more like selling of the person over the product so by using Kate Beckinsale, who is not as iconic as of yet, the celebrity endorsement is only aiding the sale of the product and we had to pay attention the style and layout of our pieces rather than just relying on the celebrity for the desired effect. There are a few weaknesses to our project I feel.

Perhaps there is a little too much of the same thing, I feel we have concentrated a little too much on posters and teasers, and maybe the image has been used to often. Looking at our final project, I think we could have included a secondary image to add a little variety. However, overall, im very pleased with the outcome of the ad campaign because I feel like we achieved the style we wished to portray and have include some elements that are different such as the neck strap, the make up sample cards I feel very proud of and the packaging covers are fitting to our style.

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